Head, Shoulders, Knees & Shanks!

A shank is the part of the leg between the knee and ankle. In my efforts to cook more "nose to tail”, I took on the lamb shank for this week’s recipe. iCook for sustainability as well as taste.

If a Cake is your wish!

It’s a tradition at iList to celebrate birthdays with a special treat prepared. We had a birthday just last week and they requested a “Chocolate and Peanut butter cake”. Now I am a huge fan of this combination, so I took it as a personal challenge to find the right recipe. iCook says to let them eat Cake!

What is "Sous Vide" cooking?

Sous vide, (pronounced sue-veed), refers to the process of vacuum-sealing food in a bag, then cooking it to a very precise temperature in a water bath. This technique produces results that are not possible through any other cooking method. My wife recently gave me a sous vide machine so I had to give it whirl. This week, iCook is exploring the world of sous vide cooking.

Bacon, Eggs, and Pasta?

You haven’t been to the store in days, your refrigerator is practically empty and your families whining that they are hungry! You need a quick and delicious dinner. Breakfast for dinner is an option but here’s another fun idea…why not use those same ingredients to make Pasta carbonara? iCook pasta for a quick and hearty meal.

Where's the Meat?

The New Year is a little over two weeks old. Are you sticking to your resolutions? Like many people I want to lose weight and exercise more. I always plan to reduce the amount of meat I eat. Eating less meat doesn’t mean that you have to live on stir-fried vegetables. iCook hot, hearty meals without meat.

Chicken Soup for the... Flu?

Chicken soup has been recommended as a remedy for colds and flu for decades - maybe even centuries. Chicken soup has actually medicinal properties and with influenza spreading across the country, we thought you should know to prepare a pot of chicken soup just in case. iCook chicken soup to help get over the Flu.

Smoothing out that workout

2018 is here and many of us have resolved to improve our health. That generally includes changes in our diet and exercise, but did you know it was important to eat after a workout? Smoothies are a great post workout snack. iCook for my health.

A Roast for the Holidays

I love the holidays except for one thing, you tend to eat the same foods over, and over, and over. This year some friends and I decided to have an Italian dinner for Christmas Eve. It was really fun to gather round the table and celebrate without seeing one piece of Turkey or spoonful of yams. iCooked something different for our holiday feast.

From Nose to Tail... Oxtail that is

Eating sustainably has been in fashion a long time. Cooking ‘nose to tail’ isn’t just a catch phrase. It’s a way of life for some people and is an old practice that is new again. This week I’m preparing something from my wife’s childhood that’s all about nose to tail. iCook with sustainability in mind.

Breakfast in a Jingle

Christmas is always a busy time of year.  Like most people I’m looking for easy timesavers, especially when it comes to meals. Just in time for Christmas morning I have found the perfect breakfast or brunch recipe to help you get the festivities started. It’s easy to make and ready in a snap! iCook breakfast casseroles in a Jingle.