Happy Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is a time to honor the women in our lives who mean the most to us. It may be your own mother, the mother of your children, or a lady that has filled that honored role. I love to cook and it’s a great way to show my love and appreciation. How about cooking for Mom this year?

South of the Border

Put on your sombrero and get out the tequila, Friday is Cinco de Mayo! Yes, it’s that time of the year, so open your favorite cerveza and let’s whip up some Mexican food. iCook goes south of the border.

Packing Up A Potluck

Spring is here. The dogwoods have bloomed, the pollen level is through the roof, and the Quilters have arrived in Paducah. It’s time to have a traditional gathering of friends and family best known as a potluck. But what do you take? Well iCook is going to offer up a few tasty suggestions.

Is Cooking a Lost Skill?

I have a fear that we aren’t teaching our youth some basic life skills. Do you know how to balance your checkbook, sew on a button or roast a chicken? Cooking is a basic skill that everyone should have and iCook believes it should include roasting a chicken.

A Foodie in San Francisco

Last week our resident foodie took a working vacation to San Francisco. So, this week, he’s sharing his food inspired trip and a lot of photos. iCook includes a couple of delicious Sangria recipes inspired by our visit to a wonderful tapas restaurant.

Sweets for the Sweet Tooth

Britt Allgood, our iCook resident foodie, has a sweet tooth the size of Montana. Sometimes the cravings are so overwhelming he is compelled to whip up something sugary. Really good and interesting cookies that would be great to make during Spring break…iCook loves to make cookies!

Sippin' Spring Libations

Spring is in the air. The red buds and dogwoods are blooming. Easter, Cinco de Mayo, the Derby are all just weeks away so get ready for these entertaining opportunities by learning to make a few libations. iCook also tends bar!

Sunday Dinner Italian Style

Need something a little different for the Sunday dinner table or a festive gathering? A Braciola may just be the ticket. Its slow roasted beef stuffed with cheeses and herbs, that’s cooked in a tomato sauce and will have them coming back for seconds – maybe even thirds! iCook Sunday dinner that’s slow roasted and delicious.  

Pork that's Gustoso!

Tired of the same old pork chops? Put an Italian spin your pork dinner, or any other cutlet of meat for that matter, with this easy Milanese recipe that cooks in minutes. This is a pantry dish, so you probably have everything you need in your kitchen. iCook loves a great meal!

Break Out the Grill

Spring is quickly approaching and we are in the Lent season. That means fish on Friday and what better way to cook fish than on the grill. It’s quick and easy and we are adding a bit of citrus to kick up our Friday dinner a bit more. iCook grills all the time.