Spicing up Snack Time

College football is in full swing and the pro football is about to start. You’re ready for the ‘big game” but you need snacks. Tired of the same old chips and salsa, or bland cheese and crackers? How about a couple of spicy snacks to fuel your game? Today we are going to whip up some Grilled Jalapeno Poppers and Garlic-Buffalo Drumettes. iCook with the spice of life!

It's a Wrap! No, it's a Burrito!

Dinner in a hurry? Most people would hit a fast food joint and pick up a burger, or some tacos. Why not whip us some healthy and tasty burritos at home instead? Today’s recipe is quick and full of vegetables. iCook healthy meals in a jiffy!

Harvesting the Bounty

Summer is waning but the fruit and vegetables keep coming. What to do with all of nature’s bounty while at its peak flavor and generally cheapest prices? How about making some chutney or preserves. iCook with peaches and tomatoes at this time of the year!

A French Dish with a Twist

Yesterday would have been famed chef Julia Child’s 105th birthday and it got me thinking about French cooking. Many French dishes are loaded with cream and butter – a bit heavy. How about tackling a French classic dish with a lighter twist.  iCook French food too.

Roll Out the Red Velvet

A friend and coworker recently celebrated a birthday and, as I usually do, I asked what they wanted me to make for them as a gift. She said a Red Velvet cake. Now I’m from the South, and it’s a staple in these regions – but, I’d never baked one! iCook and iBake new things all the time.

Quick and Easy Weeknight Meals - Part Deux

August is back to school and iCook is running an article on quick and easy meals in this issue of Purchase Area Family Magazine. Writing out recipes takes up a lot of space and we ran out of room for all them! So, this week I’m sharing a few more quick recipes with you. iCook even on the weeknights.

Too Hot for Coffee? Try Coffee's Cooler Cousin

You probably think I’m crazy for offering you coffee on a day in the 90’s. I’m not talking about a piping hot cup of joe but his colder and more flavorful cousin - cold brewed iced coffee. Now, have I got your attention? Anytime is the perfect coffee time on iCook!

Kindness is a Tuna Casserole

We recently had to travel out of the country for a funeral. Our trip back was disastrous to say the least. One of our friends came to our rescue and left us some much-needed kindness in our refrigerator in the form of a Tuna Casserole. iCook to show family and friends our love and support.

Get out of that kitchen!

The dog days of summer are quickly approaching and the weather is hot and steamy. At this time of the year the last thing you want is to be stuck in a kitchen for too long. So, let’s whip up a few ‘no-bake’ desserts to share on these warm summer evenings. iCook something cool and creamy in the summer.

I'll eat corn on a plane, or in a train

Fresh corn is another benefit of summer. I could eat corn on cob four times a week but some people get tired of it boiled, and slathered in butter and salt. How about grilling the corn or using grilled corn in a spicy summer salad? iCook corn on the grill for a change of pace.