Making Spirits Bright at Ephemera Paducah

As you may have gathered from my first iNest article, I take great pleasure in making things with my hands, so when I was invited by iList to attend a holiday crafting session at Ephemera Paducah, I jumped at the chance. Along with a group of lovely local ladies, I spent a cozy afternoon eating homemade salted caramel cookies, drinking coffee, and working with paper, paint, and glitter (of course!) to create a unique piece of holiday décor we could take home with us. Not bad for two hours on a Wednesday afternoon!

Located in the Lowertown Arts District, Ephemera Paducah is an eclectic art supply store, a workshop space, and an all-around delightful place to spend a couple of hours. Proprietor and instructor, Kristin Williams, describes herself as a “serial crafter” and has amassed an enviable and eccentric stockpile of paper goods, antique buttons, photographs, old doll parts, and thousands of other bibs and bobs just waiting to be put to use in a project. For this particular workshop, Kristin supplied each attendant with papier mache letters (a J, an O, and a Y) and a wide array of supplies to personalize our “J-O-Y” to our liking. Kristin's laid back and inviting teaching style made me feel at home as she walked us through each step of the process and then gave us free reign to work on our creations.

I chose two different patterns of scrapbook paper and a page from a vintage dictionary to glue to the faces of my letters. For the sides, I used aqua chalk paint and a gorgeous gold acrylic paint. Once our letters were painted and papered to our satisfaction, we got to head over to the glitter station where we brushed on some Mod Podge and went to town with the sparkly stuff. As we worked on our letters, we chatted and got to know each other better. By the end of two hours, we had not only learned a new craft project and created something festive for our mantels and bookshelves, we had also discovered the dozens of entertaining ways to use the word “joy” in a conversation. “My joy is nearly complete!” I shouted, victorious. “My joy is shedding glitter everywhere,” said another attendee. And, of course, as we were leaving, Kristin made sure to remind us to pick our joy up off the floor!

All-in-all, my Ephemera Paducah experience was a happy one, and I definitely plan to make a point of attending more workshops there. It looks as though I'll have plenty to choose from, as Kristin tries to keep a full roster of events taught by either herself or visiting artists. As just a small sampling of what's coming up, there will be a Mixed Media workshop, a stained glass workshop, an applique workshop, and an encaustic workshop with our very own Nikki May. Kristin is also more than happy to schedule private events, and her classes make for fun and affordable bachelorette parties, girls' nights, birthday parties, or any other reason you might want to get together with friends and craft something unique to take home with you. For more information about scheduling an event or attending a class at Ephemera Paducah, you can visit the website or call 270.443.0003.