Ben Preston

We know you single folks are busy. iList Paducah goes on that first date so you don't have to!

benpreston146.jpgLove Doe's Eat Place? Then you'll love Ben Preston, 26. This 6'5" chef is hotter than the 1,000-degree grill he uses to cook steaks to Doe's perfection! And he's awful sweet, too.

Ben Preston, you are cute, cute, cute, no doubt about it! And look at you living here on 5th Street with all your co-workers.

Not all of them. Just Evan, Mike and David. (Doe's owner) Paul Signa bought the house a while back, and we're renovating it.

You all need a Greek fraternity sign on the front — Signa Delta Doe's! You know Paul was iDate of the Week last year.

Yeah, we teased him about it.

And now it's your turn!

You wore me down.

Well, you're so cute, Ben Preston. We HAD to have you. You shouldn't be all isolated back there in the kitchen. You should tend bar or something. You're like 8 feet 12 inches tall.

Something like that.

How tall are you?


And you're from here?

Yes, I graduated from Paducah Tilghman in 2001.

Did you play basketball?

No. That team was so good. They'd recruit players from other schools. I mostly played in church leagues and in pick-up games.

And now all you guys play on the Doe's team at the SportsPlex Wednesday nights! Y'all are darling out there! What's your record?

We're three and three now, I think.

Last week's game was a nail biter! You and the Red Gamecocks were a point away from each other all game long!

Yeah, that was a good one. We'll play through the summer and then we go into a tournament.

So what happened last week? I saw you talking to the ref.

It was toward the end of the game, and we were purposely fouling the other team to stop the ball. I fouled a few times, but the ref didn't call it. I didn't want to start fouling anyone any harder. So I asked the ref to please call my fouls. I didn't want to hurt any of those guys.

You purposely foul? Isn't that cheating?

No, they do it in the pros.

Sounds like trickery.

Well, I guess it is.

But at least you're sweet about it.

I'm a sweet guy.

You ARE a sweet guy! So how did you learn to cook?

I've just worked in different restaurants - Flamingo Row, Max's, Kirchhoff's, Whaler's, Logan's, Olive Garden. I started by washing dishes and then I think my first cooking job was at Flamingo Row.

And now you cook at Doe's. Do you do the steaks?

That's Evan's job. I mostly cook the spaghetti, meatballs, chili and the fries — anything fried. But I do the steaks sometimes when Evan's not there.

benpreston.jpgBen, you're so cute! Do women just stand at the kitchen window on 2nd Street watching you cook?

No, not that I've noticed.

Do you date?

Every once in awhile. I work so much. I work almost every day.

Are employees allowed to date patrons? Because otherwise, how would you meet anyone? You're always cooking!

I guess you can. I don't see why not. I don't typically hit on them.

You totally should! Cute girls are in Doe's all the time! What type of gal are you looking for?

Someone with a good personality and a good sense humor.

Age range?

I don't really have one. I like athletic gals who are fun to be around. Some girls I just click with. I'd like to meet someone.

But you're so busy.

I can make time.

You can also make a mean Black and Blue Salad.

Yes, I can.

Bring it, Ben Preston!


bp_step1.jpgStep 1 Cut up six to eight ounces of sirloin steak.

bp_step2.jpgStep 2 Add steak seasoning. Doe's secret recipe includes Tony's Creole, meat tenderizer, garlic powder and salt.

bp_step3.jpgStep 3 Cook medium well at 1,000 degrees. Usually takes about four minutes.

bp_step4.jpgStep 4 Prepare salad.

bp_step5.jpgStep 5 Slide on the steak.

bp_step6.jpgStep 6 Serve!

bp_step7.jpgStep 7 On Sundays, best accompanied by a very spicy Bloody Mary.