iDate of the Week

Kye Nichols: Wildcat Fan to the Max!

He may not be interested in talking politics, but he’s not shy about his opinion of UK Athletics and the Cardinals big win at the NCAA Tournament last year. Find out what this hard-working financial advisor does when he’s not at the office. 

Cathy Newton

Who wouldn’t want to take this little hottie out for a night of dancing and laughs? We just love Cathy Newton. She’s sweet, funny and is a good sport when kidnapped. That’s right! And did we mention she used to work at a wig shop? 

Alex Riley

This week’s iDate is one of our favorite downtown cuties. You’ve probably heard him playing rhythm guitar with the band, Red Ember, or maybe you’ve seen him mixing up drinks at JP’s Bar & Grill. Find out what a gal has to do to get a date with this Paducah hottie!

Michelle Fowler

This is the kind of woman a fella can trust with his pet and his heart. Find out what she’s about to unveil to Paducah in November.  

Megan Thomason

This adorable 27 year old never expected to move back to Paducah, but now that she’s here she is having the time of her life. You’ll see her at downtown this weekend helping with the Rotaract People’s Choice Awards at Barbecue on the River. Find out what else she’s getting into these days!

Micah Somers

You may have seen this little devil serving up some delicious grub at Shandies this summer, but he’s done a lot of different things in his lifetime. He’s a man of many tastes and knows exactly what he wants in a partner. He doesn’t mind a woman with some spunk who can keep him on his toes. Find out where you can meet this fella!

Audra Todd: New Girl in Town

It’s always fun to be the “new girl” in town and Audra Todd is having a blast playing that role in her hometown of Murray! But that’s not the only role Audra’s taken on these days. As one of the newest members of the Paducah Improv team, her quirky personality is charming audiences across Western Kentucky. Gentleman, clear your calendars because you’re gonna want to take this chick out on the town this weekend.

Adventurous Lady Seeks Charming Gentleman…Who Can Spell!

Diane Plocica is no dummy and she certainly won’t settle for one either. She’s not overly concerned with looks, but she does expect a man to be a gentleman, have all of his teeth and to be willing to make some plans. She can hang with the boys, but she expects some chivalry from time to time, as well.

Dr. Kimberly Rushing

This gal has had all sorts of disgusting things explode in her hair and on her lab coat. It’s all part of the job, you might say. Dr. Kimberly Rushing’s is passionate about the animals that come through her clinic, but she has room in her life for one more true love. 

Kimberly Greenwell

Looking to expand your dating horizons? Then head to Single Mingle Louisville, Saturday, Aug. 10. It’s great way to meet others who are looking to meet you! You’ll no doubt fall for the group’s cofounder and expert love broker – the knockout gorgeous Kimberly Greenwell is single, too!