iDate of the Week

Catch Her While You Can

Meet Michelle Williams, a low maintenance gal who’s got her act together. Wha? That’s right, fellas, a woman with a healthy self-image and realistic expectations of men. Women like this really do exist! So take her out before someone else scoops this little gem up!

Tips for Understanding a Homegrown Paducah Gal!

So you think you want to date a Paducah Girl, do you? 2013 iDate of the Week, Kim Meeks, describes what she sees as a true Paducah-grown gal! Find out what you’re signing up for.

Amanda Plays Matchmaker!

iList Paducah contributor, Amanda Wallace, decides to play matchmaker with one of her besties this week. Maybe you’ll be the lucky guy she chooses! 

Rowdy Gal Seeks a Dose of Romance

Calling all outdoorsy, logger-type dudes! We found just the perfect woman for you! Meet Ms. Tami Stivers. She can handle a little rowdiness, but she also likes a little romance from time to time. Check her out!

Tara Esparza

If you’re looking for a lady who will happily attend an Alabama football game, or better yet, one who loves watching an MMA fight, then we’ve got the gal for you! Meet Tara Esparza!

Guess Who Made the Top 10 for 2013?

One of our favorite things to do on a Friday or Saturday night is to scour the Paducah social scene for fabulous iDates to feature on the site! As has become our annual tradition, we bring to you a few of our most popular iDates of 2013. Enjoy!

Amanda Wallace

She’s 25 years old and grew up with a house full of “Northerners” in Marshall County. She’s looking for someone to treat her like a lady and if they enjoy an old school game of Mario Kart, that’s a bonus!

A Man With a Taste for Adventure

While he may seem quiet at the first, he’s definitely a man ladies will enjoy getting to know. A quiet night around a campfire is his idea of a romantic evening. Find out what else this fella’s been getting into!

A 50s Model Looking for a Hot Test Driver

Kim Meeks loves a good road trip and she’s looking for someone to take that drive with her! 

Man Up, Fellas! This Lady Packs Heat

Although Tonya Shelton loves her some Jesus, she has also been described by friends as “loveable,” “wifeable,” and even “sexable.” This fine lady is looking for a real man, with a real plan for his life. Find out if you qualify.