iDate of the Week

Benjamin Hayden: Alligator Wrestler and True Mama’s Boy

Benjamin Hayden is anything but boring. A former Navy boy, he’s wrestled his share of gators along the way. But at his very core this guy sure loves his mama! Find out what else makes him so intriguing in this week’s iDate.

Israel Abernathy

Ladies will love running their fingers through this 31 year-old gentleman’s luscious locks of chocolate brown hair. But he’s more than just a pretty face. He enjoys the occasional rowdy conversation about politics and religion, too. Find out what else makes him tick.

Elizabeth Wieneke

Whether in a courtroom or on the dance floor, this week’s iDate has definitely got the right moves. An independent, modern woman, who doesn’t mind a little chivalry from time to time, Liz Wieneke is lovin’ the single life. But a night on the town with a special fella might not be so bad either.  

Sarina Oden is Open to Adventure

This girl may seem intimidating at first glance, but she’s absolutely approachable and is always looking for a new adventure. She’s not afraid to make the first move, but would be more impressed by the man who steps it up and asks her out. 

Jorge Machaen

Okay, ladies, you’ve all told us that you want a man with a sense of humor and who knows how to communicate. Well, here’s your chance. And word on the street is that he’s a giver…so flowers may be in your very near future!

Brannon Sanford

After spending some time overseas and working at the US Embassy in Ottawa, Canada, Brannon has come back to Paducah and is looking to get plugged in to the Paducah scene. Ladies, if you’re looking for a confident, but charming fella we may have found just the guy for you.

Isaac May

Pouvez-vous parler français? Well, even if you don’t speak French you’re going to love Isaac May. He’s back in Paducah and you might even have a chance to win a date with him to the Wine Tasting & Auction at The Carson Center. 

Chris Douglas

You’ll love his charm, his creativity and his oh-so-delicious strawberry cake. And he definitely knows how to treat a lady like a princess! We must confess that the iList Paducah girls are going to be very picky about the lucky gal who gets a date with this iList Paducah sweetie!

Crystal Riley

If you're a man in the market for a lady who can build a fire, gut a fish, tell your fortune, make you laugh all night with her wit and sarcasm, and just so happens to be gorgeous, look no further than Crystal Riley. She wouldn't even be adverse to some Valentine's shenanigans—or dinner and a movie (hint hint!).

Andy Carloss

An unexpected love for Paducah brought Andy Carloss back home to start a business of his own. He is passionate about his city, fine food and making people’s lives better.