iDate of the Week

The Gal Your Mother Warned You About…You Know, the Really Fun One

This gal needs no introduction. You already love her sassy posts about fashion and you’ve cheered her on as she works her way to good health at Energy Fitness. Now see the other side of Terrin Hayes, the personal, lovable side of her that we at iList Paducah have all come to adore. 

Christy Anderson

Christy Anderson knows how to take care of herself, but that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t like someone to snuggle with on the couch from time to time. We think she’s a terrific catch for an upstanding dude. But don’t take our word for it; check her out for yourself!

Michael Jenkins is Just What the Doctor Ordered

We cannot tell a lie, when we feasted our eyes on this hunk we considered keeping him all to ourselves! However, we know how hard it is to find a genuinely stellar, single man so we decided to share with our readers. 

Gettin’ Low Down and Dirty with Morgan McCall

Ladies, this guy may ask you to get a little dirty…in the woods…for a hiking adventure, that is! What did you think we meant?

Go-Getter Gal Loves the Simple Life

Carol Johnson doesn’t want to hear about all of your exs on your first date, but she does want to learn more about the kind of fella you are. Get to know her pet peeves and her advice on nurturing healthy relationships. 

Brown Eyed Girl

We've finally done it! We've convinced this lovely 25-year-old beauty queen to be an iDate of the Week. Make sure to send her some love after you read more about her. 

Alex Coltharp: Guaranteed More Fun Than Your Ex!

This guy could live in a lot of other cool towns, but he chose to live in our cool town. He’s funny, he’s kind, he’s talented…and let’s face it, he’s a doll! We love Alex Coltharp and we know you will, too.

Looking for More than Just a Pretty Face

Tim Hart is cultivating a simple life, one filled with friendships, a few rounds of golf, learning new things and creating yummy concoctions in the kitchen. He’s looking for someone who can appreciate that kind of life. 

Is Christopher Bower The Reel Deal?

Local actor and now iList Paducah account executive has made the short list for a reality TV show all about film. Chris Bower was chosen from 27,000 contestants as a finalist for the reality television show, The Reel Deal. Now he needs Paducah’s help in making it to the next round. There are only 42 spots available and your vote can get him there!

The Music Man

It’s not everyday that a gal meets a guy like Bentley Caldwell. He’s handsome, talented and pretty much has the whole package! He’s working and playing music in Nashville these days, but he’s a sucker for Paducah festivals and frozen caramel lattes from Etcetera Coffeehouse. So who knows? You might run into him at the Lower Town Arts & Music Festival in May.