iDate of the Week

Looking for More than Just a Pretty Face

Tim Hart is cultivating a simple life, one filled with friendships, a few rounds of golf, learning new things and creating yummy concoctions in the kitchen. He’s looking for someone who can appreciate that kind of life. 

Is Christopher Bower The Reel Deal?

Local actor and now iList Paducah account executive has made the short list for a reality TV show all about film. Chris Bower was chosen from 27,000 contestants as a finalist for the reality television show, The Reel Deal. Now he needs Paducah’s help in making it to the next round. There are only 42 spots available and your vote can get him there!

The Music Man

It’s not everyday that a gal meets a guy like Bentley Caldwell. He’s handsome, talented and pretty much has the whole package! He’s working and playing music in Nashville these days, but he’s a sucker for Paducah festivals and frozen caramel lattes from Etcetera Coffeehouse. So who knows? You might run into him at the Lower Town Arts & Music Festival in May.

Amanda Roberts

Meet Nashville native, Paducah newbie, Amanda Roberts. She’s been in Paducah less than a year and would love a fun night on the town. Who’s up for the task?

Dana McGowan: Steelers Fan

Dana McGowan is a man of mystery…even unto himself at times. iList Paducah did some “research” and found out that there’s more to this dude than just his winning smile.

Ginny From the Block

We are honored to bring to you one of Paducah’s most fantastic women this week! This lady is nothing less than amazing. The fella who snags her really does get the whole package, brains, talent, wit and good looks. And did we mention that she’s an artisan baker?

10 Dating Disasters

Fabulous and in her 50s, Kim Meeks doesn’t have the energy or interest in playing dating games. This week, Kim identifies 10 warning signs that you’re about to commit a dating disaster (either as the instigator or as a victim). Single folks, beware!

A Man Who Cooks

Ladies, are you ready for a man who knows how to make things the kitchen, of course! We can't wait for you to meet this 21 year old Gracie Jiu Jitsu instructor and a man who has lived around the world and who knows his way around the kitchen!

Catch Her While You Can

Meet Michelle Williams, a low maintenance gal who’s got her act together. Wha? That’s right, fellas, a woman with a healthy self-image and realistic expectations of men. Women like this really do exist! So take her out before someone else scoops this little gem up!

Tips for Understanding a Homegrown Paducah Gal!

So you think you want to date a Paducah Girl, do you? 2013 iDate of the Week, Kim Meeks, describes what she sees as a true Paducah-grown gal! Find out what you’re signing up for.