Always a Foodie, Never Again An Addict

It’s been almost four months since Terrin decided to get serious about her health. She has lost 14 pounds since her journey began, but she says that getting healthy is about more than just getting skinny. It’s a mental challenge, in which she has to choose to make good choices every day.

My Thighs Touch

Terrin has spent the last three months telling you about her embarrassing Energy Fitness gym mishaps, her struggles with weight loss and staying on the healthy bandwagon. This week she shares her thoughts on her thighs, her sports bra and a few other things that might make you smile!

An Embarrassing Roller Coaster Ride

For the past several weeks Terrin has inspired all of us to eat better, to exercise regularly and to go after our own challenging, personal goals. Now it’s Terrin who has been inspired. Meet Carrie, the magnificent lady who keeps Terrin on track and on the road to a healthier self!

Terrin's New Shoes

Bummed out by slow progress in her work out and weight loss, Terrin was about to lose hope. But then she discovered some new shoes and a terrific cheat treat, and suddenly everything’s all right.

Terrin's Progress Report

Terrin found some cool new toys this week. Our personal favorite is the Fitness On Request, now available at Energy Fitness. When you can’t make it to Zumba class, you can catch it on demand at the gym. Discover what else is working for her!

Terrin’s Tips for Staying on the Workout Wagon

Terrin has been kicking butt at the gym, but managed to gain two pounds. Yikes! That’s enough to make a girl lose all hope, but not our Terrin! That girl has spunk and she’s got some tips for sticking it out when working out stinks!

Dear 2014

iStyle contributor, Terrin Hayes, tells 2014 what she REALLY thinks about her life and what she plans to do about making it better.