Kids Are Full of Surprises

Children can be tricky little cusses. You never really know what to expect from them. Becca knew that parenting would be challenging, but she didn’t realize that there are surprises around every corner when it comes to raising kids.

The Perks of Being a Working Mom

Sometimes Becca has to remind herself that working outside of the home really is best for her and her family. When it comes down to it, work is where she goes to relax!

16 Things I Am Currently Worrying About

Kids come with a lot of responsibility – and a side effect of responsibly is worry. Some days, Becca can’t believe the doctors even let her out the hospital doors with real, live human children. What were they thinking?!

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

It’s no myth; Kids really do ruin things. They are expert level destroyers of all things good. As a matter of fact, Becca has reached the point where when she gets something new, she contemplates putting the first big scratch or dent in it, just to get the mourning over with before her children beat her to the punch.

Ridiculous Things My Kids Want For Their Birthday

Kids can be downright unreasonable. Both of Becca's boys share a birthday next month. She hasn't even begun to recover from the sticker shock of the holidays, and it’s already time to do it all over again. Luckily, they've been kind enough to provide Becca with an array of gift options.

My Delusional New Year's Predictions

Nostradamus has nothing on Becca Harmon. She's looked into her proverbial crystal ball and discovered some amazing things are in store for her family in 2015. This is probably the year that the Harmons will go ahead and conquer the world. You’ve been warned. Here are Becca's far-fetched, wishful predictions for 2015.

The Christmas Hangover

The sparkle of the holiday season has dulled. For Becca, the week after Christmas is comparable to waking up to a post bender hangover. The house is trashed, everything is a blur, you’re ashamed of yourself, and you’re pretty sure you had a blast. Here are the triggers of the short lived, hung-over, depression Becca experiences every year just as the calendar turns.

It’s Christmas Eve. Here We Go.

Ah, the magic of Christmas is upon us, guys! We're in the thick of it now, and if your kids are like Becca's, they are psychotic with excitement. And, if you're like her, you are living vicariously through your offspring and are a bit giddy yourself. Here is how Becca will be spending Christmas Eve this year. 

How to Win Christmas: Holiday Shopping for Kids

Not all of us have kids of our own, but many of us have nieces, nephews, godchildren, grandchildren, or random kids to shop for this time of year. Becca shares her recommendations of toys we should avoid gifting if we still want the parents to like us in the new year.   

Santa is a Creepster

The Christmas cards are beginning to arrive in the mail from friends near and far. Most of them depict darling, semi-terrified children sitting on Santa’s lap. Becca goes out on a limb and expresses a few beefs with jolly creepy ol' St. Nick.