Senior Learning for Fun

WKCTC is ramping up their popular Seniors Learning for Fun series this week. Learn about yoga, the roaring twenties, Columbus-Belmont State Park and more! These non-credit programs cover a wide variety of topics and are always fun. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? iLearn at any age!

What's a Sprocket?

There’s a new makerspace in Paducah called Sprocket. – What’s a makerspace I hear you asking? It’s a collaborative work space for making, learning, exploring and sharing that can use both high tech and no tech tools. Sprocket is open to kids, adults and entrepreneurs and has been created to get folks interested in tech related careers and the tech companies that are springing up in western Kentucky. iLearn in this innovative, creative environment – come join in!

A Good Beer and a Short Story

What goes better with beer you ask? A good short story! Not the answer you were expecting? You may change your mind after attending the next installment of McLib’s Shorts and Stouts. Head on over the Dry Grounds Brewing and get ready to discuss some of James Baldwin’s best short stories. iLearn so much better with a brew!

Next Level Coders Club

McCracken County Public Library recently received grant from the American Library Association (ALA) to design and implement coding programs for young people. Libraries Ready to Code promotes computer science (CS) and computational thinking. Their first coding program under this grant is just around the corner. iLearn with coding!

Bootcamp for Artists

Are you struggling to grow your artistic skills and interests from a hobby into a creative business? Paducah Main Street has a one-day boot camp that offers all the necessary resources to turn your hobby into an income. Murray State Small Business Development Center and Paducah Economic Development will help you develop a business plan and share marketing strategies. iLearn at Boot Camp for Artists and I bet you can too!

Money Matters

The McCracken County Public Library is offering a series of free credit and money management classes to the community through a new partnership with Operation HOPE. They are a nonprofit organization that teaches financial literacy to youth and adults. Managing our credit and budget isn’t always easy, but iLearn from professionals at McLib!

Everything 101 at McLib

The McCracken County Public Library is bringing back its popular 101 series, and it kicks off this week. The 101 series sparks interest in a wide range of unique topics. Programs are free, open to the public and are led by experts in their fields. iLearn at McLib!

Most Likely To Succeed

Paducah Public Schools recently got a $3.8 million grant to help with the costs of their new Innovation Hub. Is hands on learning the future of education in the US? What’s best for our students? Maiden Alley Cinema is showing the award-winning documentary “Most Likely to Succeed” - a film that takes a close look at education in the US. iLearn if collaborative learning is right for my kids – you should find out too!

How ready is your child for kindergarten?

Kindergarten - for some mothers just the thought of that word causes anxiety because it means that your baby is no longer a baby. Our local schools are doing their part to help you prepare your child for school. Join them for the Kindergarten Ready Fair, so you can see just how ready your child is. 

Coming This Summer - Baptist Health Pre-Med Academy

When I was younger, I wanted to be a doctor. But in school math and science were not my strong points and I put my dream aside. For some lucky young people in our area Baptist Health is helping them achieve their dreams of helping people by becoming a physician. iLearn that it’s important to reach for the sky…or a stethoscope.