Arts in the Community

The Arts in The Community Exhibition is an annual event at the Ice House Gallery in Mayfield.  This year's exhibition opens July 14 and runs through September 1. A reception for the exhibition will be held 5 - 7pm this Friday. There will be 2D and 3D works, photography, paintings, drawings, watercolors, literary works, and sculptures. Some of the artwork will be priced for sale. Light refreshments will be served and the public is invited to attend.

The Icehouse Gallery is located at 120 North 8th Street, one block north of Broadway and the Courthouse Square. Hours are 10am until 5pm, Tuesday through Friday, and 10am until 1pm on Saturday. Admission to the Gallery is always free.

This year's exhibition honors two Guild members who have done a lot to further the arts in the area. The Arts in the Community Exhibition is an opportunity for everyone to exhibit work in the Gallery - regardless of age or level of experience. Icehouse will display as much artwork as the Gallery will hold.

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Marshall and Nell Galloway

Carolyn Lofrano and husband Robert have been very generous benefactors since the early days of the Icehouse’s operations. Carolyn’s sister Marsha Munsell has also supported the Guild, along with being a dear friend and fellow garden club member.

Sometimes the shortest distance between two points isn’t a straight line. Carolyn says that her parents were never direct supporters of the Arts, but instead created a nurturing atmosphere that led the sisters to develop an interest in cultural events on their own.

“When our piano teacher in Tucson, Arizona would arrange to take a few students to cultural events, Mother and Dad (Marshall and Nell Galloway) would not only pay for us to go, but Mother would always go along to help chaperone,” Carolyn writes. She remembers her parents taking her to the Icehouse when it first opened. “ It was an indication that they were very proud of Mayfield supporting such an endeavor,” she added.

The Lofranos are sponsoring this year's exhibition to honor their parents and parents everywhere who nurture in their children a passion for the Arts.