A Classic for Christmas

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe is an epic tale of good and evil set in a wintery forest full of magical creatures. Market House Theatre (MHT) is proud to bring it to the stage as part of their family series this year. The play will be performed on December 7-10 and 15-17 - Thursday and Friday at 7 pm, matinees on Saturday and Sunday at 2:30 pm. Tickets are still available with adult prices from $12-$15 and student prices at just $6.

When famed author C.S. Lewis wrote the first of his seven novels set in the magical land of Narnia, he was thinking of the children he had met in his own hometown near Oxford, England. Many of them had been evacuated to Oxford in the late 1930s so that they could escape the bombing blitz of London during WWII.  

He also had in mind a whimsical picture he had seen as a teenager — of a faun carrying an umbrella and packages through a snowy woods. The image stayed with him, and many years later he decided to create a story around it.

The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe - Lewis’s first book of the “Narnia” series - is set in a magical land ruled for over 100 years by the White Witch (played by Leah Vargo). She has cast a spell creating a deep, snowy winter over the animals and creatures who live in Narnia. The children of the story discover this place by climbing through a magic portal in a wardrobe. 

The youngest — Lucy (Skater Houser), finds the secret doorway, and goes out into the wintery forest, where she encounters a faun, Tumnus (Jonathan Bilak). Tumnus invites her to tea, with the intention of turning her over to the White Witch, but when he realized he likes her, he lets her return through the wardrobe. Soon her brothers - Peter (Sam Kitchen), and Edmund (Liam Black), and older sister Susan (Kayla Murphy), follow her on her trips back through the wardrobe to Narnia. 

The children encounter many mysterious creatures as they visit the wintery woods. A talking beaver (Ethan Hines) and his wife (Jensen Knudsen) befriend the children and fill them in on many of the legends of the woods. One of those stories is of a great lion - Aslan (Chris LaFever) - who is the rightful King of Narnia. 

With the help of the children, the hold of the White Witch over the kingdom begins to falter, but not before an epic battle between good and evil. 

The play has a large cast which has provided MHT the opportunity to give many new comers a part in the production.

Additional characters from the land of Narnia include Father Christmas (Tim Heath), Fenris Ulf (Bryan Pont), and the Unicorn, (Kate Ellis), Centaur (Mason Hancock), Elf (Hadley Beth Hayden) and Dwarf (Levi Brown). 

Aslan’s followers are played by Ellie Farley Lucy Knerr, and Stevie Collins.

The Witch’s Army are played by Addie Beth Franklin, Alora Cooper, Maggie Rowton, Meg Kitchen, Owen Krall, Weslyn Durfee, Dawson Black, and Shelby Leonard.

Wood Nymphs are Kathryn Johnston, Meg Bevil, Sydney Oswald, and Sara Tabers.

The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe is directed by April Cochran. Assistant director is Alexia Hines. Set and lighting design are by Tom Hansen.

For more information or for tickets, call the box office at 270.444.6828 or visit markethousetheatre.org.