Creative Workshops lead to Fundraiser for Hotel Metropolitan

Paducah Arts Alliance (PAA) hosted artist/printmaker Pat Kabore as the current artist in residence. Kabore began her three-week residency at the historic Hotel Metropolitan at 724 Oscar Cross Avenue in Paducah on June 5. 

While in Paducah, Kabore is conducting printmaking and dyeing workshops with 8 students, ages 12+, from the Oscar Cross Boys & Girls Club. The workshops has resulted in some creative art made by the students involved. The art will be the center of a silent auction which will be held on Saturday, June 24, from 12- 2 pm at the Hotel Metropolitan. Proceeds raised will help support the Hotel, its continuing renovations and maintenance. The auction will feature scarves, notecards, and matted works by the artist and her students.

Pat Kabore

Pat Kabore lives and works in Spartanburg, South Carolina.  Her work is in the permanent collections with the Washington Printmakers Fine Art Calendar, i.e. the Smithsonian, the Library of Congress, The National Women’s Museum, The National Fine Art Museum, and other fine art institutions across the country. The recipient of three of The Arts Partnerships artist development grants, Pat was recently featured in the 2010 publication, “Artist Among Us”, which is a full color coffee table book highlighting the 100 artists of Spartanburg, South Carolina. She is a multimedia artist, working primarily in printmaking and fiber.

During Pat’s residency in Paducah she taught three printmaking workshops and one indigo dye workshop for the Oscar Cross Girls/Boys Club. She did three more indigo dye workshops attended by several local fiber artists and produced a large body of work. 

Pat and her daughter Rema had the most wonderful time during Pat’s residency, and she looks forward to returning to Paducah.

Paducah Arts Alliance

The mission of the Paducah Arts Alliance is to promote growth as artists and as an art community. Any profession requires constant education and the stimulation of new ideas and exposure to others in the field. This is more easily done in a larger city where the number of galleries, museums, colleges, artists, exhibitions, etc are a constant source. SO, the artists at PAA must bring the larger world here. They strive to attract artists of stature to visit and to become a community which would attract more established artists to live here.

The Paducah Arts Alliance, in collaboration with the City of Paducah, is working to create a permanent and progressive artist in residency program that brings further national and international recognition, plus creative importance, to the town of Paducah and the Lower Town Arts District. They also hope to provide the artists of Paducah with a community arts space in which to collaborate, educate and create. They have many exciting events for the upcoming year in the planning stages.