It's Not Pretty!

Found Art Assemblages

Beginning on July 8 and continuing through July 22, you’re invited to join artists Curtis A. Grace, Edie Eberhardt​​ and Jeri Hernandez for their exhibition, It's Not Pretty: Found Art Assemblages.  It opens at the Ruth Baggett Gallery located at 1025 Jefferson Street in Paducah. Join them at the exhibition opening on Saturday, July 8th at 5-8 pm with White Trash hors d'ouvres and Found Readings.

This exhibition is packed with creative and fun sculptural collage & mixed media sculptures – where found treasures are juxtaposed to each other in uncommon ways and create completely new & interesting concepts!

What is Found Art?

“I would call what I create assemblage,” Grace told me. "Found is a relative term. I found it because I have been avid about digging through junk since I was a kid.”

He incorporates all types of old paper, postcards, paper dolls, vintage wallpaper, wrapping paper, trinkets, buttons, small toys, cigar boxes, old frames, fabric & ribbon, etc.

White Trash hors d'oeuvres

Playing with the theme, the opening event will feature a White Trash menu that includes sliders, deviled eggs, pimento cheese on white bread, tater salad, Rice Krispies treats, pecan & chess tarts, along with dill pickle Jell-O shots for the VIPs!

Found Readings

Found reading are readings of old newspaper stories about odd events, people, outsiders, even religious tracts. Found readings aren’t to make fun of people; instead they are meant to show the ever-changing mores of society.

Visit for more information about this exhibit.

Curtis A. Grace

Grace’s art creates vignettes that tell stories. The themes often seem to go from funny to dark and creepy. Life experiences play a big role in his art. His pieces are meant to be interpreted by the viewer and not him as the creator. His favorite piece is more personal than his best effort. It features a photo of him and his first boyfriend at around 20 years old.

Grace had his own event planning and decor business in Lexington for 27 years. He also worked for Toyota Motor Manufacturing Company, UK, KCTCS, Keeneland, as well as many horse farms (including several years with Anita Madden and her Derby eve party for 2,000 + of her closest friends.) He also traveled with different clients for events around the country and in Denmark.

He has managed and redecorated many private events and weddings & thinks he’s worked at every available facility in Lexington! He had a wedding at Spindletop that was featured on Ellen.

Edie Eberhardt

Eberhardt graduated from Murray State University in 1996 with a BFA in painting. She moved to California but returned to Kentucky at the end of 2014. She produced very little work during the California years, but is really enjoying her new-found vigor and return to her love of creation.

Her most recent works consists of pieces that are made from discarded items that have been found in a few different places. A bulk of the items has been found at Anything Goes! Others are picked up here and there or donated.

“I tend to think of something I want to build,” she told me. “Or work from an inspiration I have from a certain piece of. One example of this would be her piece Record Player, which is made from an old clock body and various odds, and ends including an egg timer graphic, and a sanding wheel that serve as a record. I usually incorporate switches and sometimes I put wheels on my pieces so they can roll down the street or sidewalk.”

Jeri Hernandez

Jeri is from Raleigh, North Carolina and moved to Symsonia in October 2015. She has no formal art background other than a few classes at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in graphic design. She is self-taught and is currently learning to weld. Jeri owned a photography company in Raleigh and is currently a Radiologic Technologist in Murray. Her art is drawn from a deep need to release her creativity.

Her favorite pieces deal with Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. During childhood, Jeri owned this book and it meant a great deal to her. She pays homage to the characters in a series of representational pieces that are meant to evoke a feeling of the dreamlike edginess they have always brought to her.