New Clay Prints by William Renzulli

The Art Guild of Paducah is hosting the latest work by local Lower Town artist, William Renzulli. It’s a showcase for his latest works which are clay prints. The exhibition kicks off with an opening reception on Friday, November 3, from 5-7 pm. The Art Guild of Paducah is located at 115 Market House Square in Paducah.

Wine and hors d’oeuvres will be served at the event. If you can’t make the reception you still have lent of time to visit the exhibit which runs through November 25.

Just one print

The clay mono-type is a variation of the traditional mono-type techniques. A monotype is a print, but with one major difference from other printmaking processes: the artist creates exactly one print, instead of multiples.

Renzulli explained the process:

“A slab of stoneware clay, 3/4 to 1 inch thick is pressed into a firm framed base that is mounted on a solid support table or bench. The surface is smoothed and leveled with the edges of the frame and allowed to dry overnight to a “leather hard” consistency.”

“This clay base will act as the “plate” in the creation of the monotype. My current clay plate is 30 X 40 inches and was created in 2002. By keeping it covered with wet paper and plastic drapes it will last indefinitely.”

“Mixing water and kaolin powder in a blender to a light pancake batter consistency produces liquid clay known as slip; several coats are then brushed onto the clay slab. This slip also becomes the “paint” by the addition of pure pigments, dry or liquid, and is used to create the image by its application to the clay slab. The final result is a flat slab of clay in which the image is imbedded.” 

“A moistened support, fabric or paper, is placed on top of the clay and pressure is applied using a roller or brayer. The support becomes impregnated with a thin layer of the clay resulting in a transfer of the image.”

The resulting one of kind images have characteristics unlike those produced by any other method.  The variety of techniques that can be used in this process is limited only by the imagination and curiosity of the artist.

“What is very interesting about this process is that the artist does not have complete control. This is an abstract form of art. You don’t know how each piece will turn out until it is completed.

If you would like to see Renzulli create a mono-type, he’d be glad to have you visit the studio to watch. Give him a call at 270.366.2837 to schedule a time. To see more of Renzulli’s work, visit

William Renzulli

William Renzulli is a retired physician and a self-taught artist who has successfully managed careers in both medicine and art. He responded to Paducah Kentucky’s Artist Relocation Program. There, a restored old Victorian with a studio and gallery addition has been home for the artist, his wife Patience, and their waggle of whippets for the past 13 years.

The artist’s restless creativity has enabled him to explore a wide range of subject matter and mediums. In recent years he has been devoting more time to a third, long simmering passion - writing.