Truly Fantastic Fiber!

Fantastic Fibers is held each year at the Yeiser Art Center (YAC) in conjunction with Quilt week – but it is certainly not just another quilt exhibition. This is an international juried exhibition that showcases a wide range of outstanding works related to the fiber medium. One of YAC’s most engaging, innovative & colorful international exhibits, Fantastic Fibers is an inspirational “must see” for fine artists, quilters and textile art enthusiasts. The opening reception will be on Saturday, April 22 from 5-8 pm.

Expect to see sculptures, tapestries, jewelry and even interactive art – all may from fiber of some type or form.

The show began in 1987 as a wearable art show but has evolved over the years to include a compelling mix of traditional and non-traditional works created from natural or synthetic fibers and work that addresses the subject or medium of fiber.

From Far & Wide

Stacey Reason, Executive Director at YAC, is ecstatic about this year’s show. “I'm very impressed and excited about the scale of the work this year,” she told me. “We have a lot of large-scale pieces including one work that is a tapestry - it measures 20' long by 8' tall!”

“I'm also excited to say that we have work from as close to home as Bowling Green and as far away as Japan. The work ranges from very conceptual art that deals with the medium of fiber art as the vehicle, to more traditional uses of form and technique. It's a great show for the novice and the professional because of this range -- there is something interesting and relatable for everyone!”

From Bowling Green & Beyond

Artists from the US and across the globe were accepted into the show this year. They represent 33 states from the US, The United Kingdom (including the Guernsey Channel Islands), and Tokyo.

Lorie McCown, Cynthia Hron, Bob Mosier, George-Ann Bowers, Marianne Williamson, Wen Redmond, Anita Cooke, Stewart Kelly, Anna Kristina Goransson, YE MA, Jean Sredl, Kim Rice, Sara Sharp, Erin Miller, Jim Arendt, Jane Hartfield, Sarah Weiss, Roxanne Lasky, Karin Lusnak, Kathy Nida, Makiko Wakisaka, Judith Plotner, Tiffany Lange, Susan Hotchkis, Sue Hale, Diane Savona, John Deamond, Patricia Kennedy-Zafred, Jane Jennings, Jill Ault, Noelle Mason, Sara Fahling, Pat Owoc, Nicole Benner, Cindy Houston, Karen Musgrave, Elaina Barnett, & Carrie Miller.

The winners will be announced this week before the opening. $1,750 will be awarded - $1,000 First Place, $500 Second Place, and $250 Third Place. Fantastic Fibers runs from April 22 to June 17. For more information, visit the

John Hopper

This year’s judge for Fantastic Fibers is John Hopper. Hopper is the editor in chief of Inspirational, the international contemporary art publication. He is committed to the promotion of emerging contemporary artists.