Dale Leys: A 40-Year Retrospective

There is nothing more satisfying to me than talking to an artist about his or her work. This week we took a few minutes to speak with Dale Leys about his upcoming exhibition showcasing 40 years of his work.

Dale Leys may be a household name to those of you who studied art at Murray State University. Local artists and art enthusiasts may also be familiar with the work Dale has created over the last 40 years. For everyone else, you're in for a treat at the opening of this weekend's art show entitled, Dale Leys: A 40 Year Retrospective. The exhibition will be showcased at The Yeiser Art Center, Maiden Alley Cinema and Ruth Baggett's Gallery 1025.

Each venue showcases a selection of Dale’s work, spanning his 40-year career as an artist, teaching and living in Western Kentucky. Several of the pieces will be sold while others are on loan from various art collections around the country. The exhibition highlights some of Dale’s best work, including on-site drawings created during his time spent abroad, as well as work inspired by a variety of subject matter that have entered his studio. 

Dale’s drawings reflect a simplicity of life, uninterrupted by the buzz of humanity and commercialization. Each drawing encompasses all that is good about the world around us, allowing the viewer to sink back comfortably in his own skin and to be transported into a more peaceful existence for a few minutes.

“When I draw I come closer to understanding not only the subject matter and space presented, but also what that object/space experience represents metaphorically and psychologically. In my drawings I am interested in experiencing the object and the space as one in the same,” Dale says.

An artist’s reception will be held on Saturday, October 5, from 5 to 7 p.m. at The Yeiser Art Center, located at 200 Broadway. More of Dale’s work can be seen at Maiden Alley Cinema, located at 112 Maiden Alley, and Ruth Baggett's Gallery 1025, located at 1025 Jefferson Street. The show will be up through November 2.