A Pasta Journal

Walk into the Renzulli home any given night and you’re likely to smell the aroma of freshly made pasta and a blend of Italian spices, wafting through the air. If you ever get an invitation to dinner at the Renzulli’s house, trust us, you don’t want to pass this opportunity up.

While Bill spends most of his time painting pretty pictures in his art studio, he can’t resist mixing up a batch of fresh pasta in the kitchen. This has been a busy year for Bill and his lovely wife, Patience, (who now does some medical consulting work for a local law firm…love her!), what with his newest book of work, A Paducah Portfolio, but we discovered a little treasure in Bill’s studio that we had to share with all of you…Bill’s culinary journal of yumminess, A Pasta Journal

“Cooking pasta has been my way of holding on to the memories and heritage of my childhood and my parents,” Bill says. “It came about gradually as I spent more and more time thinking and writing about the people and places that have influenced my life. I believe that everything I am and do can be traced back to my mother and father...and I want to honor them.”

The book includes 76 pages of Bill’s delightful kitchen adventures, original art and photos, and stories of his life growing up in America with an Italian heritage. You can purchase the book for $50. Just e-mail Bill. It’s a great addition to any culinary collection and a great gift for any person looking for some meaning in everyday life.

If you haven’t checked out Bill’s blog, Reflections on a Life in Medicine, Art and Pasta, you’ll find words of wisdom, images of whimsy and contemplations on what it’s like to be an artist in Paducah.