Sign up to Recycle!

Many Paducah residents took advantage of the private recycling program that was run in Paducah for many years. Since it closed down, the only option has been to take recycling to a central site - many residents have requested a curbside program.

Coming to a curb near you

This is a voluntary program in which residents can sign up at any time. The fee is just $3 per month for one, 96-gallon blue rollout container that will be collected twice per month. If you need more recycling containers, each one will be an additional $3 per month charge. The fee will appear on your Paducah Water bill.

You can sign up online using the form at Or you can call the Engineering-Public Works Department at 270.444.8511. You will need the Paducah Water account number associated with the address in order to complete the registration process. Please note that the person responsible for that account must be the one who requests the recycling service.

Twice a month on Mondays

Recycling rollout containers will be delivered to participating addresses over the next few weeks. Recycling containers will be collected twice per month on Mondays. To facilitate the collection, the city addresses have split into two groups based on the trash collection routes.

If your normal trash collection day is either Tuesday or Wednesday, recycling will be collected on the first and third Monday of the month. 

If your normal trash collection day is either Thursday or Friday, recycling will be collected on the second and fourth Monday of the month.

Approximately 3000 addresses, about 1/3 of the City’s residential solid waste customers, will see a shift in their solid waste collection day beginning the week this week.

No-sort recycling

Paducah’s curbside recycling will be a single-stream program. This means that all accepted recyclables can be placed in the recycling rollout together.  There is no need for residents to sort. 

The recyclables will be taken to Freedom Waste Service in Paducah, a private company that has contracted with the City of Paducah.

What you can recycle

Accepted items for recycling: 

Office paper, newspaper, junk mail, catalogs, shredded paper, steel cans, aluminum cans, pasteboard (cereal boxes, etc.), #1 and #2 plastics, and cardboard. Residents are encouraged to rinse and crush containers. Please place items loosely in the recycling rollout and try not to use plastic bags since bags can get caught in the mechanical parts during the single-stream sorting process.

What you don't want to recycle

Items that should not be placed in the recycling rollout: 

Electronics, batteries, household and medical hazardous waste, Styrofoam, waste oil, tires, and glass. 

Need to drop off recycling?

The recycling drop point location at Freedom Waste Service located at 400 State Street will continue in addition to the new residential curbside recycling program. The drop point location is open Monday through Friday from 7 am until 3:30 pm and Saturday from 8 am until noon.  There is no charge for the general public to drop off recyclables. 

If you have a question about recycling, contact the Engineering-Public Works Department at 270.444.8511.