A Sweetheart Serenade

from Graves County High School

Sweetheart Serenade, a new event in the Graves County Schools’ Season Event Series, is scheduled for Saturday, February 17, at 7 pm. It will include performances from Graves High’s various bands, choirs, orchestras and drama, as well as light refreshments. In keeping with the Valentine’s season, the music features love songs.

Season Event Series tickets will be honored and additional reservations for seating can be made through 5 pm on Friday, February 16.

All this love will take place at the Graves County Schools Performing Arts Center (PAC), located at the corner of Graves High nearest the intersection of the Purchase Parkway and Kentucky Highway 121.

A Sweetheart Serenade

PAC Director Casey Jones is excited to be showcasing this event. “This is our first Sweetheart Serenade,” said Jones. “Like many of our regular patrons, I love shows where we feature all of our performing arts programs: band, choir, orchestra, and drama. Our gallery will also feature themed artwork from our Graves County High School art students.”

“We have tried to make this show unique by exploring all aspects of love in our set,” said Makenzie Kauffman, GCHS Choral Director. “The show will include the good and the bad - the love of someone you are close to, and the love you can share with a stranger; the gut-wrenching moments in love, and the unmatched joys of love.”

Romantic Music - Dramatic Stories

The Chamber Orchestra will feature romantic music from stage and screen productions of beloved dramatic stories, and the gallery will feature artwork in the style of Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss.”

The evening will begin in the PAC theater with music from the orchestra and choir, then attendees will move to the GCHS commons area, where the jazz band and drama students will perform.

 All tickets are priced at $6 for adults and $3 for students.

To learn more or to reserve tickets, email Casey.Jones@graves.kyschools.us or phone her at 270.970.3416. For more information, visit the Graves County Performing Arts Center website.