It's Fun at the Fair

Weiner Dog Races and More!

Weiner Dog Races

If you’re grinning at the mental picture of racing Weiner dogs, it’s probably because you’ve already experienced the hilarity that is this adorable competition. If you haven’t been yet…well…it’s racing Weiner dogs! Who wants to miss out on that?

This year’s race is set for 7:30pm, Wednesday, June 21, at the McCracken County Fair.

The race will be held on the track in front of the grandstand. The drag-style race track will be 50 yards long. One handler holds their dog at the start line and the second handler will be at the finish line. The coordinator signals the start of the race and the first handler releases the dog with no other actions – no yelling, squeaking toys, clapping hands – nothing! The second handler can attract the dog’s attention but must stay behind the finish line.

Each initial run will have five or six dogs competing. The winners of those heats will then compete in a final race. The prizes, donated by local veterinary clinics, often range from anything to a checkup and nail clipping, to a few months’ supply of flea and tick medicine.

In addition to the races, the Best Dressed Weiner Dog Contest & So Ugly It’s Cute Wiener Dog Contest will be held at 7pm in front of the track grandstands. The prize is a trophy! The contest has no rules, so feel free to dress up your dogs in anything, from spiders to superheroes – store-bought or homemade.

The money raised from the event is always donated to an animal-centered organization in the county.

“Where’s the Beef!”

On Wednesday, check out the Beef Cattle and Western Horse Shows.

Thursday, June 22’s main event is wrestling. At 7 pm, come out and watch the Heavyweight Championship match between Gator McCalister and “Dangerous” Doug Gilbert. There will be four other matches leading up to the main event. Admission to the wrestling show is $5.

Mud Drag and Enduro Races

Friday, June 23 brings Mud Drag Races. If you like seeing ATVs and Monster Trucks getting down and dirty racing in the mud, then this event is for you. The event starts at 7pm. Call 270.703.5912 for more information.

On Saturday, June 24, at 7pm, start your engines for the 2017 Enduro Racing. Enduro Racing is a demolition derby meets dirt track racing mixture. This event has no classes, no teams, and no caution flags…it’s every man for himself.

Other events and exhibits at this year’s fair include the beautiful Flower Show, Youth & Adult Vegetables & Nuts Exhibit, Dairy Goat Shows, and Culinary, Crafts & Textiles Exhibits.

The McCracken County Fair

The Paducah Kiwanis Club of South Paducah organizes the McCracken County Fair. All the organizers are volunteers. The fair is always looking for more volunteers to keep making events like the Weiner Dog Races and others possible!

For more information about any of the events at the Fair, call 270.703.5912 or visit