iLove KentuckyCare

Nurse Practitioner Elisha Hall

Elisha Hall is a nurse practitioner at KentuckyCare. This is her first NP position as she just finished her Master’s last December. She loves to motivate her clients to becoming healthier and stay healthy. Christmas is her favorite holiday, but she’s looking forward to some good Thanksgiving food too. iLove KentuckyCare because of folks like Elisha!

Dr. Troy Nelson

Dr. Troy Nelson is a physician at KentuckyCare. This Marshall County native has been a doctor for the past 13 years. He proudly says, “Roll Tide!” when Alabama is playing college football. He initially wanted to be a fighter pilot and loves to cook. iLove KentuckyCare, and Dr. Nelson does as well!

Chelsea Watkins

Chelsea Watkins is a registered dietician at KentuckyCare. She loves her chocolate and her Wildcats! This lady “bleeds blue”! She was impressed with the eclipse and plans to spend Labor Day on the lake. Chelsea is just one of the many reasons that iLove KentuckyCare!

Dr. David Smith

David Smith is a family physician at KentuckyCare. He is married to his high school sweetheart and has a “pet” raccoon named Rocky. With two daughters in college he’s getting used to that “empty nest”. This compassionate physician loves pepperoni and pineapple pizza! iLove KentuckyCare because of people like Dr. Smith.

Greg Kingston - Family Nurse Practitioner

Greg Kingston is a nurse practitioner with KentuckyCare in Paducah. He’s a “gear head” who is proud of his children and cares deeply about people - and that’s what makes him so good at his job. You won’t catch him outside without his sunscreen either! iLove KentuckyCare because of people like Greg Kingston.

Emily Jones APRN

Emily Jones is a nurse practitioner at KentuckyCare in Bardwell. She is the proud mother of three young boys and loves every minute of her super-busy life. She’s crazy about the outdoors and animals. iLove KentuckyCare because of people like Emily who bring sunshine and smiles to everyone she comes in contact with!

Pharmacist David Collins

David Collins is a pharmacist at KentuckyCare. He’s is a very caring person with a big family - four of his grandchildren were born within a six month period! As well as helping patients at Kentucky Care, he and his wife go on mission trips to help those in need. It’s my great pleasure to introduce you to David…iMeet this pharmacist with a heart!

Darrye Jackson

Darrye Jackson is a family nurse practitioner at KentuckyCare. She loves her job and is passionate about helping her patients lead healthy lives. She’s a local gal who grew up in Graves County, attended schools out of state, and then returned to the place she calls home. Put your hands together and give a warm welcome to Darrye Jackson. 

Dr. John Brazzell

Dr. John Brazzell is a primary care physician for KentuckyCare. He is very passionate about his position and his patients at the clinics. He loves his family and his furry best friend. iLove KentuckyCare and its amazing staff. Introducing Dr. Brazzell is a special treat!