Downtown Paducah’s Christmas Parade

In just a few short weeks, I will bundle up and head downtown for one of my favorite holiday traditions, the downtown Paducah Christmas Parade. Almost one hundred floats will be showcased in this year’s parade, each with the theme, The Magic of Christmas.

If you plan to participate in this year’s Christmas Parade you’ll need to remember a few of these very important guidelines when making your float:  

  • Each participating float, vehicle, or individual must have its own lighting and music.
  • All entrants (people, costumed characters or media personalities) must be dressed in Christmas attire (excluding uniformed groups such as bands, color guard, drill teams). Each must be lit in some way – battery-operated twinkle lights, spotlight, tree lights, etc., and must be playing music or singing carols.
  • All motorized vehicles, including tractors, motorcycles, go-carts, etc. must be decorated in a Christmas motif and must carry their own Christmas lighting. This also applies to pageant winner cars.
  • Participants are prohibited from including Santa Claus on their float, or in the group, because Santa is riding the last float in the parade. 

Even though the event is just around the corner, it’s not too late to enter a float. Here are a few tips on building award-winning floats from Parks Supervisor, Amie Clark:

  • Less is more!  The best floats are the ones that have 1 general theme and include details that enhance the theme.  The things we run in to most are that some have trouble narrowing down their ideas, and then just put it ALL on their float.
  • Use several strands of lights to make the float more visible at night.
  • Do not string lights haphazardly. Lights should complement the structure of the float. Otherwise, it looks like a jumbled mess and the viewers have trouble understanding your structure

Download the complete rules and guidelines for entering this year’s Christmas parade here.

The deadline to enter a float is Friday, November 15.  Late entries will incur a $25 fee and will not be accepted after Wednesday, November 20.  Download a parade entry form here.

This exciting event will be held on Saturday, December 7, at 5 p.m. The parade starts on Broadway at 14th Street and proceeds to 2nd Street. If you are attending the parade here are a few important things for you to remember. 

Keep your distance from the floats and stay on or near the sidewalks  so that you and your family do not impede the flow of the parade. Candy will be handed out rather than thrown, so allow the candy folks to come to you.

Santa is expected to make an appearance at this year’s parade so you’ll want to bundle up the kids and the grandchildren for a festive night of holiday fun! Hope to see you there!