The very lyrical Natalie Krupansky

Natalie Krupansky is a music teacher at McNabb Elementary and a first-time mom to her soon-to-be-two-year-old Tate. When she’s not at McNabb teaching our youth, she’s teaching aspiring high school talent how to use their voice. She loves her coffee hot, but her surrounding temperature cold. iMeet this talented, multi-tasking teacher and mom. 

The Super Crafty Melanie Conwell

This week iMeet chats with Melanie Conwell. Melanie and her daughter Erileigh own Dweedlebeadles, an artisan jewelry and gift business. They are a favorite at the Paducah Farmers’ Market, and now you can find them at other locations in Paducah too. Melanie likes her tea unsweetened and her days busy! iMeet this amazingly artistic woman!

High & Tight - It's Josh Linville

Josh Linville has recently moved back to Paducah. He’s a barber extraordinaire and will soon be opening his own barbershop in downtown Paducah. Fun facts about Josh include he’s seen Back to the Future over 100 times and has a bulldog named Manly Daniels! Please iMeet and welcome back Josh Linville!

iMeet iCook

Britt Allgood is a mad scientist by day and a foodie by night. He writes our weekly column iCook and is married to the ‘boss lady’. He loves to hunt, ride his Harley, and eat food of course. He’s not a fan of lima beans, but couldn’t live without black eyed peas. iMeet our fabulous iCook master…Britt Allgood.

Jenny Linville

Jenny Linville is no stranger to our area. Although she grew up in Herrin, Illinois, she now calls Paducah home. She’s a counselor at Compass Counseling who can listen to your problems and one of the newest members of Paducah Improv where she can crack you up too. Please give a warm welcome and iMeet Jenny Linville.

She's da' Boss!

Laura Hernandez-Mitchell is the proud owner of Paducah’s first food truck, Boss Burrito. This home town girl is proud to serve her favorite food to Paducah. Laura believes in family “over everything.” Please give this fiery entrepreneur a warm welcome…iMeet Laura!

The Very Talented Patty Story

Patty Story is a busy, busy lady - she plays in the Paducah Symphony Orchestra, teaches orchestra at St. Mary’s and owns Symphony Supply which was recently given an Outstanding Customer Service award by the National Association of Musician Merchants. She loves to cook, but rarely has the time to do so. Keep reading and you will understand why. iMeet this gifted and talented music professional!

Classic Rocker Ken Marvin

Ken Marvin is a local musician who has been pumping out tunes for over forty years. He is a huge classic rock fan but also writes much of the music that his musical duo, Marvin & Gentry, performs. They will be performing on June 22 at Live on the Riverfront. [UPDATE: This performance has been cancelled due to weather. Marvin & Gentry have been rescheduled for July 4] Put your hands together, clap and iMeet Ken Marvin.

Our Revered Reverend, Pastor Raynarldo Henderson

Raynarldo M. Henderson is the Pastor at Washington Street Baptist Church in Paducah where he will be celebrating 25 years this September. He’s been married to the love of his life for 29 years and has three children. This blessed minister was born in a Chicago police squad car after his mother went into labor prematurely! We honored to iMeet this interesting man of God.

White House Correspondent Tamara Keith

Murray State’s public radio station, 91.3 WKMS, is hosting a free public event with. And, yes, iList got an exclusive interview! This amazing lady was a model as a child and has been in print and television ads. She loves her job and her family, and we love her! iMeet so many people, but Tamara Keith takes the cake (without ice cream though…)!