Paul Walker

Continuing with honoring educators this month, iList welcomes Paul Walker. Paul is an associate professor of English at Murray State University. He is trying to add on a new title this fall…congressman. He is a proud father of three who can’t pick just one favorite book but can pick his favorite pizza. iMeet a teacher who tries to make a difference in each of his students’ lives.

The very literate Laurie Edminster

iList continues the theme of education and educators for Teacher Appreciation Month. This week we’re chatting with Laurie Edminster from Murray High School. She’s an English teacher involved with countless extra-curricular activities. This mother of three says The Grapes of Wrath might be her all-time favorite book. iMeet a teacher who goes above and beyond her job description for her students.

Gavin Posey

May is Teacher Appreciation month, and iList is devoting the iMeets to education. Gavin Posey is a WKCTC student who has had plenty of teachers he appreciated. He was recently named “WKCTC’s Student of the Year” and couldn’t be more thrilled. He will be transferring to Murray State University this fall. iMeet this exemplary student!

April Dunning

April Dunning is a Physician’s Assistant with Mercy Pediatrics. She enjoys helping families and getting to know their stories. She loves her family and her church - most of all of her free time being devoted to both. iMeet this sports-loving mom who can help your children stay well!

Ian Berry is Not a Quilter!

Ian Berry is just a regular “bloke” from a small village just outside Huddersfield in the north of England. He has irregular art that has made him a name in this town.. this week! He is artist who works with denim to create incredible dimensional works of art. Ian has just finished a huge installation which is on display at the Quilt Show in Paducah. iMeet a fellow Brit who is definitely not a quilter!

Everything Matters to Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith owns and operates Premier Martial Arts in Paducah. This former Marine lives a very structured life and stays in shape. Josh likes to wake up before the sunrise and strives to help his many students be successful. iMeet this local business owner who has been practicing martial arts for over 30 years.

Justin Lewis has Something for Nothing

Justin P. Lewis is the host of his very own podcast named “Something from Nothing” on WKMS. He’s a Paducah native who grew up immersed in sports but, as an adult, he developed an interest in the arts. He explores the creative process in others but doesn’t consider himself an artist. iMeet this man who is definitely something!

Reece King - Part of PSO History

Reece King has been a part of the Paducah Symphony Orchestra in some way or another since 1987. That’s when, at the age of 18, he won the audition for principle trombone. He’s “come a long way, baby” and is now their Executive Director. He’s more of a baseball guy, but he enjoys watching all sports. iMeet a man who’s all about the melody!

Caring for Families

Dr. Marissa Stewart-Jaynes is a family medicine physician at Mercy Health in Reidland. She grew up just down the road in Trigg County and always knew she wanted to return to this area to care for her community. She loves to travel, to sew and to root on her Kentucky Wildcats. iMeet this doctor who loves to eat breakfast and graze on sushi!

Chevene Duncan-Herring

Chevene Duncan-Herring is the Director of Diversity and Inclusion at West Kentucky Community & Technical College. Chevene says her biography would be named The Everyday ABC’s of Chevene: Living Life with Attitude, Belief and Commitment. While we are waiting for that biography, iMeet this hard-working, go-getter that is making a difference in our area.