Amanda King

Amanda, you're young, adorable, single and you have taken on an exciting new venture with White Lili Boutique. What gave you the courage to take the leap and operate your own business?

Thank you for such a lovely compliment! I think I came to a point in my life where the time was right, the opportunity was right and everything lined up rather seamlessly and so it felt right. So I took the leap and have been ecstatic every day since!

Have you always had an interest in fashion?

I LOVE fashion - I have always loved the experience of shopping, putting a look together and that feeling of a really great outfit. I have always put together looks for my family and friends, so I thought why not finally take the leap and make it a career

What is the best part about your new job?  

It may seem a small thing, but when I can suggest items to my customers and they walk out with excitement and confidence over an outfit or a piece that maybe they thought wasn't right for them before, it is a really great moment for me.

With so many options in the marketplace today, what are you looking for in the fashions and accessories that you choose to carry?  

I know them when I see them. Because I'm in the store everyday on a personal level with my customers, I know what they want. I pay attention to fits and styles they are drawn to and also throw in what I know they would look amazing in from accessories to apparel. I try to be their own personal shopper on a broad level for the store.

What sort of individuals are you trying to appeal to?  

EVERYONE of course! I want everyone from the fashionistas to ladies who might be in a bit of a fashion rut...bring ‘em all on!

Any changes coming that we should know about?

I have some exciting things in the works - website, shipping for my out of town fans, plus size additions and more.  

It’s not easy to find plus sizes in boutiques. I know a lot of ladies who will be very excited about that addition.

Every woman has sort of a default style and things can get drab. How do you keep things fresh and exciting in your own wardrobe?  

I find as I've gotten older, I'm more confident to try new things - brighter colors, bold patterns, etc.  

Any classic go-to items that you rely on?

I am a big fan of leggings, a stylish tunic or blouse and a pair of flat sandals. If I need to step it up, a wedge sandal adds that bit of flair I need.  

You've got a lot of family around So. Illinois. How have they been encouraging in your new venture?

My family has been incredible! I'm very lucky that my entire family is so supportive. They have helped me emotionally and physically - they are great movers of displays in the store.

That’s fabulous! So if you could cast a vision for the shop over the next few years, what would it look like?

I see the store as a truly unique experience. My goal is to make each customer feel as if they are being personally styled, if they want to have that experience of course!

Some customers know what they want and get in the store and go for it! But for others who love boutique shopping and the fashions, but are intimidated by putting together a look that works for them, that's where I want to stand out.  

I am so honored to have been given this opportunity and truly plan to build on my phenomenal customer base and keep getting better and bigger as I'm blessed with the resources and demand.  

Well, we are certainly very excited for you, Miss Amanda King! We can’t wait to unveil some cute summer looks on iList Paducah in the coming weeks in our fabulous makeovers done by newest iList contributor, Miss Terrin Hayes!