The Busy and Bubbly Lisa Lauck

Lisa Lauck is the Marketing Director at The Carson Center and one of the founders of the charity Missing Bella. She loves all her rescued pets and wants to make sure every dog and cat has a forever home. Her signature dish is Chicken Marsala and she made it for her friends on New Year’s Eve. iMeet this tennis and golf fan who has made Paducah her home.

Welcome to iMeet, Lisa. We’re excited to get to know you.

I was born in Paducah and attended St. Mary Elementary. When I was ten years old my parents divorced and I moved to St. Petersburg, Florida with my mom. I graduated from St. Petersburg High School and went on to a local college.

I began working for the Women’s Professional Tennis Tour and my job involved a lot of travel. Eventually this made it too difficult to attend classes.

After five years with the Woman’s Tennis Association Tour, (WTA) I moved to Philadelphia to work for the tennis great, Billie Jean King, and World Team Tennis.

My father still lived in Kentucky and sadly, in 2006, he was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer. I began traveling back and forth from Philadelphia to Kentucky every two weeks and it just became too much.

I decided I wanted to spend whatever time was left with my dad before he passed away. I moved back to Paducah after accepting and offer to be the Marketing Director at The Carson Center. I’ve been here since April 2007.

Tell us about your furry family...

I’m divorced and do not have any human children - all of mine are furry! I have five dogs and two cats, all rescues. 

Tell us about your position at The Carson Center...

As the Marketing Director, I handle all of the advertising, public relations, and promotions for the shows we present. I maintain our website, mobile app, and all of our social media platforms. I also sell ads and create our playbills with the help of some great local designers.

Tell us about the Charity you helped to found, Missing Bella...

Missing Bella started when my rescue dog, Bella, went missing. Together with my best friend, Christie Bell, I started a Facebook page to try and find my dog. Unfortunately, we were never able to locate her, but what came out of it was totally unexpected.

People would share their lost or found pets on our page, which made the page grow organically. We were frustrated about the number of homeless pets in western Kentucky and the fact that most of the shelters here euthanized unwanted dogs and cats. We decided to use Missing Bella as a way to help the problem.

In 2015 we received our Charity (501c3) status and launched Dylan’s Dawgz Low Cost Spay & Neuter Program. There are no programs in our region to help people with spay/neuter. Applicants have to fill out our application and if approved, they will receive a voucher and only pay $25 towards the procedure.

Each year we have given away 50% more vouchers than the previous year – that’s a lot less puppies and kittens who don’t have homes.

Tell us about a typical day for you...

Besides taking care of “my furry crew”, I go every morning to feed some cats that were homeless. I have property in Lone Oak and have let four stray cats make a home for themselves there. Then it’s off to The Carson Center.

I go to Seva Fitness twice a week for lunch to get in my workout and then try to do some kind of exercise on my own the other days. If we have a show then I’m at the Carson Center until it begins.

What's the best part of your job? What is the hardest?

I love the creative aspect of my job and all the different type of shows we present. Of course getting to meet some of the artists isn’t bad either! The challenging part is keeping up with all the new ways people get their information. Getting the message out about shows can be difficult. We pull from a 100-mile radius so the days of buying an ad in one newspaper, and using one TV and radio station are over.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I love to play golf and garden. I used to be an avid tennis player until I broke my ankle. With all the plates and screws in it, I can’t run to chase down those balls anymore. I still love tennis so I’ve stayed involved by being the President of the Paducah Tennis Association for the past several years. 

I’m on the Board for United States Tennis Association in Kentucky (USTA) and serve on the Marketing Committee for USTA Southern Section. I’m also a member of the Downtown Paducah Kiwanis Club. They are a fun bunch of great people! 

How did you ring in the New Year? Any resolutions for you?

I made my signature dish, Chicken Marsala, for some close friends and we ended up watching Netflix and drinking wine. I usually don’t make any resolutions. For me, every day is a new beginning and I try to be the best person I can. Failure happens - since we aren’t perfect - and so I try again tomorrow.


Having lived in Florida, do you hate the cold?

I love all the changing of seasons. After living in Florida for 22 years, I don’t mind the cold temperatures. It’s a nice break from the hot and humidity. I always say, you can only take off so many clothes when you are hot without being arrested.  I can always put on another layer if I’m cold!

That is soooo true!  Thanks you much for sharing your story with us on iList. We look forward to the wonderful shows at The Carson Center and the continued work of Missing Bella.