iMeet the Celebrities of 2017

2017 has been another great year for our weekly iMeet. We have introduced a lot of people in the Purchase Area - some new to the region and some new to their jobs. This week, we’ve complied a little retrospective of these now famous folks! We invite you, our readers, to let us know if you have someone that you’d like to see featured on iMeet. We are always looking for new and interesting folks to shine a spotlight on.

iMeet kicked off 2017 with Bjarne Hansen from Oscar Cross Boys and Girls Club.

What's the best piece of advice that you have ever been given?

My grandfather always said “measure twice, cut once”, and he would often relate it to life. He meant it is best to always consider how you respond to a situation - thinking of the outcomes from different perspectives before making a decision or replying to others.


In March, we spoke with Susan Edwards owner of Wildhair Studios’ Rock Shop.

What's your favorite thing about Paducah?

Robert and I both love Paducah! So many things to love, but I particularly love how welcoming it is. There is a real sense of community for us in Paducah. Of course, I have a soft spot for the historic downtown and riverfront -  it has tons of energy and character. We are lucky and blessed to have to opportunity to meet so many tourists who travel to see our amazing city.


In May, we chatted with Sami from CenterPoint Recovery Center. Sami was a unique iMeet candidate - because she’s a puppy!

What's the best part of your job? What's the hardest part?

I think the best part of my job is that I have more than 120 guys who want to take care of me. I mean, really, what more could a girl ask for?!

I think the hardest part is hearing some of the stories they tell me. Many of the men here came from family and a home life that was full of drugs and alcohol. That’s really the only life many of them have ever known.

I think working with me - having to take care of me - helps teach them responsibility and how to care for and love someone. Something they may never have experienced in the past. And of course, I love each of them - unconditionally.

In July, we met local barber Josh Linville.

What makes you stand out from other barbers?

I believe that barbering is an art. When a gentleman comes to me for a haircut I try my best to exceed his expectations. I take the time to make sure the cut is done well. I stay informed on current men's fashion trends. And, I offer services that I haven't found at any other Paducah shops, like straight razor head and face shaves.


In September, we chatted with Erica Harding, owner of Herbane Naturals.

Tell us about your eclipse wedding...

I'm a super space nerd so, to be married during the eclipse was basically the only option for me. I also don't like it when a lot of people are looking at me. I thought a planetary phenomenon would be a great diversion!

Matthew's family owns Walker Hall and our store is in the Smedley Yeiser building so we kind of ended up with a progressive location wedding, which was strange and fun.


In October, we talked with our youngest human iMeet in 2017, Presleigh Jennings. She is a champion mountain bike racer while only in middle school.

Tell us about some of your races...

I race in my school league which is National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA). We race in Tennessee because there are not enough schools participating in Kentucky to have a league. Maybe ,after this feature is online, some local schools will start a team!

Marshall County has been State Champions four times. I am currently a defending State Champion. I race as a sophomore and haven’t lost a race.

My state championship is on top of Mount Eagle, Tennessee on October 29. I also race a Tennessee Bicycle Racing Association (TBRA) series. It’s more of a year round league. I am currently #1 in the series. The final race is October 15 and it's being held at Land Between the Lakes (LBL).

This past July I raced in Snowshoe, Wyoming at the National Mountain Bike Championships. I placed 1st in Downhill Dual Slalom, 5th in cross county, 15th in cross country 13-14 year old and 16th in short track 11-16 year old. I was the first 12-year-old to finish!

It was a great year for iMeet. We shined a spotlight on some really unique and interesting people. Send us an email if you have someone you want to turn into a celebrity for the week!