Jake and Kayla Clutts live in a virtual reality!

Jake and Kayla Clutts have just opened an exciting new business in our area, Mindscape VR-Cade - our area’s first virtual reality arcade! These two high school sweethearts got married last year. This home town couple loves Paducah, and there’s no place they’d rather be…except Disney World! iMeet this dynamic, virtual couple!

Welcome to iMeet, Jake & Kayla - Tell us about yourselves...

We’re both from lovely Paducah! Kayla has lived here her whole life, calling the Lone Oak area home. Jake lived here with his parents, and spent most of his time at their music store, Unga Bunga Music, until he and his family moved to Nashville so his drummer dad could play on the road.

Jake spent most of his childhood in Cape Girardeau, then moved back to Paducah for good when his family decided to re-open Unga Bunga Music - where it all started! (Can you tell which one of us had the more exciting childhood?)

We met in marching band at Lone Oak High School as a drumline section leader and color guard captain, and proudly graduated as the last class of LO in 2013. If asked, we’d both tell you our respective roles in the band were harder than the others, so we just agree to disagree. We were high school sweethearts, and the rest is history!

Tell us about your family...

We tied the knot on a beautiful beach surrounded by our closest friends and family in June of 2016.

We have three cats that we adore, Rosie, Lumie, and Sushi. We’re definitely the type of people that won’t move for hours if that means disturbing our precious fur babies that are probably sitting on our laps.

If we could live anywhere besides our sweet hometown, we would be right in the middle of Walt Disney World. We try to visit our happy place as much as possible! We’re self-proclaimed Disney nerds, so if there’s an obscure Disney fact out there, odds are we know it.

And you have an exciting new business venture…

We’ve opened the area’s first virtual reality arcade. You can purchase game play time with one of our three Oculus Rift Virtual Reality systems, which includes interactive controllers and a headset that covers your eyes so you can ‘virtually’ step into any game or experience you choose.

When we say it’s a fully immersive experience, we mean it! You really do forget that you’re just standing in a little room with a headset on. Jake has been an avid gamer for years so this was something he knew he wanted to experience.

Our best friend took us to experience a VR arcade back in May of this year, and we fell in love with the system and the variety it has. Kayla is definitely not a gamer, but once she tried the headset on, she was hooked too.

The beauty of this technology is that whether you’ve played games all your life, or have never picked up a controller, there is something that everyone can enjoy. We have shooter games, puzzles, art games, and 360 degree video experiences. Every one of every age and interest can find something they love, and we’re so excited to bring this new form of entertainment to our hometown for everyone to enjoy!

We had our grand opening this past weekend and are located at 4793 Village Square Drive, Suite II in Paducah, right between Casa Mexicana and Tropical Smoothie!

What did you do before owning a VR arcade?

Jake followed in his parents’ footsteps, having worked at Unga Bunga Music since they reopened their store in Paducah in 2010. Being a drummer himself, he loves the music industry, and the people he got to interact with. It was definitely a hard choice to leave and start something new, but we’re both excited for our future in the gaming world.

Kayla’s worked just about everywhere, but most enjoyed her years at Kirchhoff’s Bakery and a local boutique. She loves meeting new people and the customer service aspects of working with the public. Making people smile is her favorite thing to do!

It must be stressful opening a new business…

Stressful, but so exciting! We only had three weeks, between receiving the keys and opening our doors to the public, to do all of our interior work and get ready to open. To say it’s been insane is an understatement, but it’s absolutely been a labor of love.

We would not have made our dream a reality without our family and close friends who pulled together to help us. We can’t say thank you to them enough!

What do you like to do in your free time?

Like we mentioned before, Jake is a gamer, so he’s always finding something new to try out on his various consoles.

Kayla enjoys re reading the Harry Potter series as much as possible and planning future Disney trips! We both love music, and really enjoy going to see live shows where we can. We’re also in a band together along with a few of Paducah’s best musicians. (We might be a little biased.) Jake plays the drums, and Kayla sings lead vocals. We never thought we’d have the chance to play together, and we’re absolutely loving it!

Are you ready for Christmas?

Yes! It’s sure to be a little hectic this year, but we absolutely love the Christmas season! We’ve had our house decorated since November 1st. We just got really excited, okay!?

What's on your Christmas list this year?

Every year Jake’s parents give us a trip to Indianapolis at the end of summer to go see the Drum Corps International World Championships! What’s drum corps you ask? Think pro marching band. It’s awesome, and perfect for people like us who still get goosebumps from listening to a squealing trumpet. Literally Christmas in July for us.

Favorite Christmas movie of all time...go!

 We love just about all of them, but Elf is special to us. Every year around Christmas a huge group of our family gets together to throw what we call the ‘Elf Party’. We all wear ridiculous Christmas outfits, eat silly food, and of course, watch Elf. The whole family rarely has time to get together, so it’s a very special Christmas tradition to us!

Well we have to say that all the nerds at iList are drooling over the new VR arcade and planning our visits. We wish you both every success with this new and fun venture.