Jenny Linville

Jenny Linville is no stranger to our area. Although she grew up in Herrin, Illinois, she now calls Paducah home. She’s a counselor at Compass Counseling who can listen to your problems and one of the newest members of Paducah Improv where she can crack you up too. Please give a warm welcome and iMeet Jenny Linville.

Welcome to iMeet, Jenny. Tell us about yourself...

I am from a small town in Southern Illinois - Herrin to be exact. All my family still lives in Southern Illinois. I have two living parents who are, and have always been, super proud and supportive, and one older brother.

Growing up in a smaller town was great - I grew up really feeling a part of a community.  I participated in academic and athletic extracurriculars and was really involved in my local church and youth group.

Once I got my license, friends and I would drive down to Paducah to get ice cream and then eat it on the riverfront. I graduated high school in 2006, moved to North County St. Louis and attended Bible College. I graduated in 2010, moved back to Herrin for a year, and then moved to Nashville to attend both Lipscomb University (Masters in Theological Studies), and Argosy University (Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling). 

Tell us about your family...

I have been married to Josh Linville (Paducah native) for just over three and a half years. We met while he was living in Herrin but we both moved away. Then we found each other in Nashville about two years later! We got married in December at the courthouse and lived in Nashville for about two more years.

We currently have an English Bulldog whose name in Manly. He is super sweet, spunky, and afraid of everything! We love him, and adore his wrinkles! 

Tell us about your position at Compass Counseling...

We moved to Paducah so that I could intern with Compass Counseling. We actually moved before I was accepted as the intern -  so glad that worked out! I am currently a Licensed Professional Counseling Associate (LPCA). This basically means that I have been licensed for less than two years. I do not have a focused population quite yet, but I plan to focus on individual therapy for grief and loss and working with women in recovery.  

Where did you work before taking this position?

During undergrad and grad school, I worked with a few coffee shops in North County St. Louis and in different parts of Nashville. My first job within my field of study was working at a not-for-profit in Nashville called The Next Door. It is a Christ-centered clinical inpatient treatment center for women and their families who battle addiction to substances. I loved everything about this place - my peers, the women we served, and the mission of the organization. 

What's the best part of your job? What is the hardest?

The best part of my job is knowing that I am helping someone. I define counseling as coming along side someone in order to offer additional support during a difficult time. I have always enjoyed doing this for family, friends, and strangers - so it is great that this is now what I get to do for work! 

The worst part of my job is definitely scheduling conflicts. It can be frustrating coordinating schedules...also the paperwork. 

What do you like to do in your free time?

I have enjoyed crocheting in the past - but currently do not have the space for too much crafting. I really enjoy exploring and traveling with Josh. I would love to take ballroom dance lessons (fingers crossed I can talk Josh into in a year or two).  

I enjoy being involved with the community and my Church.

Oh! super exciting - Josh and I are two of the three newest members to Paducah Improv! I am really, really enjoying being a part of a really exciting thing here in Paducah.

What's your favorite place to eat in Paducah and why?

I really enjoy food - probably should have said that in the answer about free time. There are so many great local restaurants that I cannot just pick one! If I am craving a burger -  Just Hamburgers is my favorite. I really enjoy the baby kale salad at Pizza Warehouse; and the guacamole at Tribeca. I can say, without a bat of the eye, my favorite coffee in Paducah (and even in Nashville) is Etcetera coffeehouse. I order a 12oz honey and cinnamon latte - hot or cold…you can't go wrong! 

Any vacation plans this summer? If so, do tell...

We have already done quite a bit of traveling this spring/summer season. We traveled to St. Louis, to Las Vegas, Louisville (to see U2), and Nashville a couple of times. I think Josh has mentioned maybe going to Memphis, but if we go anywhere else before the winter, I am pulling for the beach!

If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Why?

The crayon called mac'n'cheese. I already mentioned I love food (which I do), and yellow is one of my favorite colors! 

Tell us three unique things about yourself...

  1. I have super curly hair
  2. I keep prayer journals (dating back from when I was in 6th grade up to today)
  3. I have the same car that my dad bought me when I was 16 years old (that's right…I've had my car for 13 years)!

What is your least favorite thing to do?

My least favorite thing to do is go grocery shopping. I remember when I was younger, I looked forward to it...but lately I put it off for last. I feel like the grocery store is the bully that my mom warned me about when I was younger, but instead of just stealing my lunch money, it takes all my vacation/fun/spending money too! Sometimes winning at "adulting" still feels like losing in more fun areas of life. 

It was a pleasure to iMeet you, Jenny. We wish you the best of luck with your new job!