Kelley Gorline is taking us for a RIDE

Kelley Gorline was born and spent most of her childhood in Paducah before moving to Florida. She has returned home and opened RIDE, Paducah’s first SPIN studio. She is the mother of a soon-to-be two year old daughter. Between her studio and her family, this i sone busy lady! iMeet a multi-tasking business woman who is balancing it all pretty amazingly!

Welcome to iMeet, Kelley. Tell us a little about yourself…

I'm originally from Paducah. I lived here until I was 14, went to Clark Elementary School and Paducah Middle School. Then our family moved to Coral Springs, in south Florida where I went to High School and college. I lived in the greater area of Ft. Lauderdale until I was 25, then moved to Nashville for four years before finally getting back home to Paducah. 

Tell us about your family...

I'm married and have one child, a daughter named Ava. She is 21 months old and a ball of fire! She is smart, funny and beautiful.

You’ve opened a new exercise studio in Paducah we hear. Tell us about RIDE…

I started loving spin classes (where you use a stationary exercise bike) a few years ago and decided that Paducah needed a spin studio. I became a stay at home mom once Ava was born, and as much as I love it, I also needed a little something to challenge myself with. Owning RIDE makes it possible for me to combine exercise and business…for me it was two birds with one stone.

I wanted to get back into shape after my pregnancy. Spin is such an awesome work out with a high calorie burn and it’s super fun. It’s also time efficient as the classes are just 45 minutes long. This allows me to be a stay at home mom and still work! It’s a win, win all around.

What did you do before Ava came along…

Before I was a mom and owned RIDE, I was an ultra sonographer (ultrasound tech). It was a fantastic job, interesting and challenging. 

We hear you’re always on the go. What does a day look like for you?

I wake up 4:30am, get to the studio at 5am to start my first class 5:30am. I spin my little heart out, head home to shower and make breakfast for Ava around 6.30 am. After I’ve played with Ava and got her dressed, I head back to RIDE at 9am.

Then its back home again for a shower and lunch, and Ava’s nap time. While she naps I take care of studio related tasks - write new spins, pair music, update technology etc. I also do laundry, clean and prep dinner,

Ava wakes, we ‘play date’, usually with her best friend Brayden, run errands, then back home, change again, and get to my last spin class of the day which is 6:30pm.  Then I head home, whip up dinner, I take one more shower (so many showers!) I give Ava her bath, put her to bed, the usually hit the bed myself! Whooo I'm tired just telling you about my typical day. 

What's the best part of your job? What is the hardest?

As the owner and instructor at RIDE I love getting to meet so any wonderful people I wouldn't ordinarily meet. I love spinning but truly the hardest part of my day is spinning for three hours!

Are you ready for the holidays? Is this a busy time for you?

Yes, I’ve been ready. I like to get my gifts a little early so I'm not rushed come close to Christmas. I absolutely love Christmas. I want to just sit back and enjoy all the wonders of Christmas. The chilly weather, the smells, the warm fuzzy feeling, I just love it all!

Favorite food of all time and why?

I love lots of foods, so many foods! My most favorite is probably pasta  - pasta of any type. 

Are you a snow lover or would you rather be on the beach?

I love both. I would say equally. When I lived in Florida I missed the cold and snow. Now I’m in Paducah I miss the beach! Especially when I'm here in the cold and (hopefully) snow. 

What's on your Christmas list this year?

I recently dipped my toe in the Lululemon pond and would love another pair of yoga pants from there!

Well, we hear that your spin classes are really fun and a great workout. Good luck with your new venture, Kelley, and thanks for being our iMeet this week.