Outdoor Enthusiast Dr. Adam Duley

Dr. Adam Duley is an emergency medicine physician at the Lourdes Mercy Health Emergency Department in Paducah. He grew up in Metropolis and has returned home to begin his career. He absolutely loves fall as he’s an avid hunter. His wife Salina was actually his neighbor for a few years growing up. iMeet this dynamic new addition to emergency medical care in our area.

We’re glad to have you at Lourdes Mercy Health…Tell us about yourself...

I was born and raised in Metropolis, Illinois, and graduated from Massac County High School in 2005. Three years ago, I married my wife Salina, who is also from Metropolis. We were actually neighbors for a few years when we were kids.

We have a dog named Sadie - who is spoiled, to say the least. We don’t have children yet, but are looking forward to having a family someday. Currently, Salina and I are focused on having more time together now that I am done with my residency training. We are moving out to our farm in southern Illinois.

Tell us about your journey to becoming a doctor...did you always want to be one?

I didn’t always know I wanted to be a doctor, but I did somewhat plan on doing something medical. I had an interest in science and biology as a kid - it was something I enjoyed.  I started as a nursing major at Murray State and planned to go into anesthesia.  While at Murray, a professor approached me and suggested I consider pre-med and I decided to change my major.

I am thankful to officially be done with all of my training, but being a doctor is a constant learning experience. It’s like an adventure that just keeps on going.

Did you know you would return to the area to practice medicine?

My wife and I both wanted to return to the area - it is home for us. Part of my motivation of going into the medical field was that I could return to western Kentucky or southern Illinois to practice.

The majority of our family is in the surrounding area, which is a blessing that we are able to enjoy. I am an avid outdoorsman, which was also a motivating factor to come back home.

Tell us about your position at Lourdes Mercy Health...

I am a physician with the Emergency Department at Lourdes Hospital. It is a great team of people to work with and I am proud to be a part of it. Everyone has been welcoming and I am thankful to be back to my home community.

What's the most rewarding part of your job? The hardest?

Not to be generic, but it is always nice to be able to help or reassure someone. It is not always dramatic in the ER like everyone seems to think. It might be suturing someone, reassuring a parent his or her child is okay, or - occasionally - truly saving a life.

I would say the hardest part of working in the ER is the unknown and balancing taking care of multiple patients at the same time. It can go from calm to chaos in a matter of minutes.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Salina and I enjoy our time off together. Recently, our free time has included working at our farm in southern Illinois. We are preparing to build a barn and house in the future.  Overall, as long as I am outside enjoying fresh air, I am happy. I am ready for fall! Fall weather means campfires and hunting season, in my mind. I like hunting, hiking, and working outside.

Best vacation you've ever taken?

I do not consider myself much of a traveler, but recently I was able to visit Argentina for a hunting trip with my Dad, friends and family.