The Prim & Proper Courtney Smith

​Courtney Smith is a local event planner who loves to help brides have their dream day. This local gal loves to plan events with her husband Corey. She got married at midnight on New Year’s Eve and was once kissed by President Bill Clinton! Yeah, I know you want to iMeet her!

Welcome to iMeet, Courtney - Tell us about yourself and your family…

I was born and raised in Wingo and graduated high school from Graves County. I have a family full of entertainers & entrepreneurs. I have two supportive parents who own a business of their own, a younger brother who is trying to make his own career into the Musical Theater World and a "really younger" brother who is bound and determined to an NBA star!

Almost two years ago I became the wife of a handsome man named Corey Smith and we have a "fur child" (golden doodle) named Samson. 

Tell us about your business, All Things Prim and Proper...

To make a long story fairly short, my business started as a lighting and sound business for events. My dad has always been an entrepreneurial so he helped a young friend by funding Illumination Productions. This company started out as just lighting and sound, but once I got involved (as usual) turned into much more!

I was still in college at the time and was thinking about joining a family friend in Texas to do corporate event planning. We realized that we could do the same thing, but more for personal events, such as weddings & small corporate parties, right here. Turns out there was a major need!

We took that lighting and sound company and turned it into a turn-key event planning business, including the lighting and sound. As with any new business, some of the people "dropped out" and some decided to pursue new things, and my husband and I decided that we could do this. That's when Illumination Productions turned into Prim & Proper Events!

Are weddings your favorite events?

Weddings are definitely my personal favorite thing to do for several reasons: Not only is there a beautiful outcome at the end of it all, but I get to express my creativity and take someone's Pinterest dream and turn it into a reality. We also get to make personal relationships over the time we spend planning together.

Your storefront is in Madisonville; how much of your business is in western Kentucky?

Even though our current storefronts are in Madisonville and Hopkinsville, we do about 50% of our business in the Paducah, Murray, Mayfield and the Lakes areas. Being from there and going to college in the area, a lot of people already know who I am and what I do.

The plan is to open a store front in the Paducah area along with some other new ventures. I want a place where local Paducah brides can come to the store, sit down with me and see what we have. Right now, coffee shops don't have the window space for me to display my things! ;)

What's the best part of your job? What is the hardest?

The best part of my job is working for myself and watching the business grow. It has truly turned into a company full of employees eager to be here and eager to grow as much as we are.

The hardest part of this job is that we have to make it look glamorous - but it is definitely not. We are constantly loading and unloading trailers, adding to our inventory, cleaning the store, getting orders together, answering messages on social media and much more! The weddings and events end up amazing, but the behind the scenes is a lot of work - but oh so rewarding!

Describe the perfect day for you...

My perfect day outside of work is going somewhere new: Eating at a new restaurant, exploring a new town, visiting the beach and spending time with my little family. Oh and I like shopping... can't forget that!

But my perfect day within the business is a finished wedding, a happy client and a dream come true for both the bride and groom!

Tell me three unique things about you that people probably wouldn't know...

I do have some unusual talents that I think are pretty cool!

  1. I was kissed on the forehead by Bill Clinton when I was a baby. (Yes, I know, I probably wasn't the only woman he kissed!
  2. I can say my ABCs backwards.
  3. I know all 50 states in alphabetical order. 

My husband and I did start the new shoe tree at MSU. We couldn't find space on the old one so I started a new one right beside it. That's pretty cool! :)

You live in was the eclipse?

The eclipse - to be honest, I was terrified! I live in the heart of Hopkinsville, downtown, and I was not looking forward to the traffic or the tremendous amount of people. But the exciting thing about the eclipse for us is that we had a wedding that day at the exact same time as the eclipse! So we are pretty pumped about that. It was in Boaz, so we didn't have to deal with the traffic...and the wedding was awesome!

I can appreciate getting married on a monumental day; I was married on New Year's Eve at midnight - it was a blast!

We definitely want to see pictures from that wedding, Courtney. Thanks for being on iList this week, and we’ll be looking out for your new location in Paducah.