Serving the Community - Pastor Sue Engle

Sue Engle is the Pastor at Trinity United Methodist church in Paducah. She’s a first-time pastor but is loving every minute of it. Sue is the mother of three boys and four amazing grandkids. She and her husband are taking a Celtic cruise this fall. iMeet this busy woman of God who has been enjoying the weather lately! iMeet new pastors who say, “Yay, God,” at their church!

Welcome to iMeet, Pastor Engle - tell us about yourself...

I grew up in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pensylvania. I was the third of four children of a very musical family. My dad was a music minister when I was born, and most of us grew up with some musical ability. Funny that I ended up in the church too, but as a pastor!

Tell us about your family…

I am married to Mark, and we have three wonderful sons: Matt, Tim and Sam. Two have grown up and gotten married, and I have four amazing grandchildren. Sam is in college at Murray State. 

We seem to always have pets, but most recently it is a darling scotch collie puppy named Lady.  

Tell us about your ministry at Trinity UMC...

I am at the pastor at Trinity UMC into my fourth year of ministry here. This is my first appointment as pastor, though I have had a lot of experience working with churches, providing resources to help them grow and thrive. This is the first church that I actually took the resources and applied them as pastor.  

The church has been amazing, so loving and gracious to my family and me. We have had a good three years, growing new leadership and helping the congregation find their gifts and use them in service to the community. I love serving here! Great people, loving, gracious and welcoming (Awesome cooks too!)

Trinity UMC is a very comfortable and gracious community, filled with people of all ages. We are blessed with lots of children, and have an amazing preschool: Kids Thrive. We have literally the best pot luck meals in western Kentucky! 

The people are so willing to be in service to the community, and welcome everyone. Our mission is to Grow Love, Grow Disciples of Jesus Christ, and serve our community.  

What did you do before becoming a pastor?

I served as a resource person for the Memphis Conference United Methodist Church helping local churches. Prior to that I was the program director at Benton First United Methodist Church, another amazing church in Marshall County.

I understand you had several other careers before becoming a pastor?

I worked in the accounting field for years before going to work in the church. I still have great friends who were clients in the area. That was great work; everything always ended up in balance. That is a very satisfying field in lots of ways, but God called me to something different.

Did you always know you wanted to do God's work? 

Yes, even as an elementary school student, I just didn't know what that would look like. I have always been involved in the Church in one capacity or another: Sunday school teacher, Vacation Bible school, Bible study, Youth ministry, Children's ministry and Women's ministry.

What's the best part of your job? What is the hardest? 

The best part of the job is the people. I love the conversations we get to have. I love it when people discover they would like to have a deeper relationship with God and invite the Church to be a part of that. 

I love the joyful celebrations like baptisms, weddings, new church members, but I also like celebrating the life of one of the church. Even though it is sad to lose people, it is a joy to remember the legacy left behind. 

The hardest is when things do not resolve well. I would love for all to know and love God and others through the ministry of this church or another one in the community.  It is sad when that doesn't happen.

Any vacation plans this summer or have you already taken one?

No vacation...I am still taking theology courses at Emory University, so that is how I spent July.  This fall though, my husband and I are taking a cruise with Celtic Thunder. Five glorious days of Celtic music. I am excited!

If you could change anything about your life, what would it be?

I suppose more time in the day, or more days in the month! They go by so fast, and I always have things I wish I could have done that I don't get finished. I will never have enough time to see all of the people I would like to visit with, but I am overall very grateful for all of the blessings in my life.

Describe the perfect day for you...

About 80 degrees!  Sunshine, my sermon finished, lunch with friends, a great leadership team meeting, a new opportunity, time at home!

Well that does sound like a great day, Pastor Engle! Thanks you again for sharing your story with the readers on iMeet.