She's da' Boss!

Laura Hernandez-Mitchell

Laura Hernandez-Mitchell is the proud owner of Paducah’s first food truck, Boss Burrito. This home town girl is proud to serve her favorite food to Paducah. Laura believes in family over everything. Please give this fiery entrepreneur a warm welcome… iMeet Laura!

Welcome to iMeet, Laura. We’re excited about Paducah’s first food truck. Please tell us about yourself…

I am 21 years young. I am a 2013 Paducah Tilghman HS graduate. I married my high school sweet heart Quinn Mitchell. I am the oldest of two… I have a younger brother named Luis Hernandez. My parents are Isabel and Jose Hernandez.

Tell us about your new venture with Boss Burrito...

I come from a long line of restaurant owners here in Paducah. My dad has owned restaurants in Alexandra, Princeton and Union City. His latest one was Los Cuatro Amigos in Dawson Springs. It's because of my dad that I took the leap of faith and invested my money in a food truck.

Do you just serve burritos?

We have enchiladas, chimichangas, burritos and tacos – even tamales!

You guys are the first food truck in Paducah. How was the permit process?

It wasn’t too bad. As far as permits, we had to get plumbing inspection, health department and fire prevention. The fire prevention permit was the hardest! We had to be inspected three times before we got approved. We had problems with our electric and even had to delay our grand opening. But now we’re ready to go!

How has the response been from the public?

The feedback we've received from Paducah has been awesome! Everyone is so supportive and so nice.

How can people find out where your truck will be?

Per the Paducah food truck ordinance we must change our location every 14 days. After the 14th day we have to leave for 30 days. We are open six days a week from 10 am to 3:30 pm depending on the crowd. Sometimes we will stay open an hour later. You can check our Facebook page to find out where we will be!

Where did you learn to cook? What's your favorite thing to cook?

My mom is the youngest of 14 children, so when we have family gatherings, I would watch my aunts cook. That's how I learned how to cook. My favorite dish to cook is chicken enchiladas! 

Its 10 pm on a Friday night...what would we find you doing?

At 10pm on a Friday night I'm usually home with my husband watching movies, just spending quality time together. My husband Quinn has been so supportive, and he actually works at Kirchhoff’s Bakery and Deli. He goes in at 5:30 am and gets off at 2pm and comes straight to the food truck to help us out.

What's the best part about your job? What's the hardest?

The best part about my job is that I get to work with my family! My parents had to move to Dawson Springs for about a year to run the restaurant. It was hard on my brother and me as we stayed in Paducah. It was hard being away from them because we've always been a tight family.

They finally decided to sell the business and move back home. It was a hard decision for them to make because business was going well, but our motto has always been family over everything.

The hardest part of my job is after a long day we go back to my parents’ house and start prepping for the next day. While my husband is washing dishes, my dad is cutting meat and seasoning all the foods. My mom is out restocking the truck, and my brother is cleaning the grill and the food truck. I'm out filling up the propane tanks and buying anything supplies.

Who is your greatest role model?

Well it would be my dad. I've always been a daddy's girl. My dad has worked so hard throughout his life. Without my dad, I wouldn't be the women I am today. My dad has taught me everything I know about this business and just life in general!

My brother and I call my dad a "go-getter” because what he wants he goes out and gets it! He doesn't let anything stand in his way. My dad is my motivation. I love him to pieces! My mom and I have always said he is never satisfied. He's always looking for a new project to start or something new to do. He doesn’t know what a day off means because on his days off he's still working. He can't sit still…that's what I love about him. He is very determined.

I give all credit to my dad the food truck was all his idea. I look up to my dad. I'm so happy that I took that leap of faith with him.

We’re excited about your new venture, Laura, and wish you every success with Paducah’s first food truck. Thanks for being our iMeet this week.