The Very Crafty Kate Haynes

Kate Haynes has opened a new, exciting business in the Paducah called Craft Bar. This mom of three loves hosting family game night. In her new business, she encourages others to be creative. iMeet this night owl who plans to celebrate Valentine’s Day eating some of her boyfriend’s French onion soup.

Welcome to iMeet, Kate! Tell us about yourself...

I'm a Paducah native and went to Lone Oak High School and then Murray State University. I was lucky to have awesome parents who told me I could be anything I wanted. At four I was determined I would make hats and own a tiny hat shop on Broadway. So four-year-old Kate wasn’t far off.

Growing up surrounded by creative parents fueled my passion. I remember my mom, Brenda, taking paint classes and being fascinated by art. They taught me it’s ok to be different, it’s ok to be loud, and to always choose to be nice. 

Tell us about your family...

I have an amazing boyfriend Andrew. He’s great at grounding me back into reality when my creative ambitions get too excessive. Between the two of us we have three fantastic boys, four rowdy dogs, and two anti-social cats.

My oldest, Corbin is my “mini-me” and also very creative. He wants to be a painter when he grows up. Andrew’s son Tristyn, is the family goofball and always has us laughing. My youngest, Olly, is a tiny tornado of giggles and messes.  

Tell us about your business Craft Bar...

Craft Bar is a creative studio that specializes in pre-made kits…jewelry kits, home decor,  and embroidery. Most of our kits are designed with beginners in mind, to help hone skills. Classes in more advanced topics are happening weekly.

The fun part is that you can bring your own wine to Craft Bar and drink while you craft. We’re applied for our liquor license and hope to be serving adult beverages to our crafty customers soon.

Why did you decide to open this kind of business?

I've dreamed about starting Craft Bar, or some variation on the idea, since I was in high school. I wanted people to have a place they could easily walk-in and get creative. I feel that diving into new creative endeavors isn’t always easy and wanted to be the spring board that inspired and taught new techniques. Craft Bar is a source for constant inspiration and a place to gather with those that matter. 

Who do you think would love Craft Bar?…

Anyone looking to jump in a new art medium that doesn’t know where to begin and people looking for a fun night out. We have kits for a range of skill levels and ages - from tots to adults. We have a perfect day ready for you to get crafty and relax. 

With three children and furry friends at home I bet your days are busy… tell us about that.

With this many boys and dogs it starts with cleaning. Always! Morning routines are finished and then off to Craft Bar. Reading and listening to podcasts for small business owners. I spend time creating and designing new kits to keep things fresh. 

What's the best part of your job? What is the hardest?

The absolute best part of my job is being able to do what I love every day. Finding my niche in the world enables me to get up and be excited about heading to work.

The hardest part is running my own business. Sometimes the ‘crafting crown’ has to be taken off and the ‘accounting hat’ slips on. Even the hardest days are made easier by knowing I absolutely love my job and every second of it.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Well lately all of my free time has gone into Craft Bar,  but I still occasionally find time for board game nights with the family. My mom and I also sew together a lot. We've made quilts together since I was in elementary school. It's always great hanging out with her and making something in the process.

Are you a morning person or a night owl?

I am a night owl for sure, I am horrible at mornings. I enjoy the quiet and calm after everyone has fallen asleep and I can have the house all to myself. Something about the calm is magical.

I’m not a morning person by any means. If it starts before 8, I will probably be late. Years of working nights and weird shifts make daylight hours difficult. 

It's Valentine's Day - any special plans tonight?

Hopefully the boyfriend cooks his amazing French onion soup. We don’t typically go out or celebrate Valentine’s much. It’s more about being together. Maybe rent a cheesy movie that both of us will giggle at. 

It's 10:00 pm on a Friday night, what would we find you doing? 

Probably at home, either playing video games with my family or board games. We love our family game night, and it’s nice to stay up late with the kids having fun. 

We’re excited to see your new endeavor in downtown Paducah, Kate. Everyone at iList wishes you success and happy hours of crafting with friends - new and old.