Sami - The Paws-itive Pup

CenterPoint Recovery Center for Men is a six-month, residential drug treatment facility. In March, CenterPoint added “Sami” to the staff. Sami has brown hair, is a good listener and full of energy – well, Sami is a puppy – but that makes her no less valuable! Sami has wagged her tail into the hearts of staff and residents alike. iMeet loved interviewing this amazing dog who is helping so many people. 

The Master of 'Selfies' Ronda Gibson

Ronda Gibson works at Paducah Cooperative Ministries, and not surprisingly, she is a giving, compassionate woman. She’s a small town girl who prefers to stay that way. She loved having the quilters in town, but she can put you in a triangle hold if you mess with her! Please iMeet this lovely lady whose Facebook selfies are legendary.

Taking Note of Katie Smith

Katie Smith is the new Executive Director of the Paducah Symphony Orchestra. She loves classical music but also enjoys jamming to Top 40 hits in her car. Advice that she received pointed her in the direction of a general career – which led her to Paducah. Katie put her love of hiking and sewing on hold to further the PSO! Let’s have a round of applause for this week’s iMeet.

The Very Funny Todd Holloman

Todd Holloman is a local comedian with a day job. He keeps us in stitches all day long via Facebook, so iList is excited to let you have a peek into the life of this stand-up man. Todd loves his kitty cats and his beautiful wife. Without further ado…put your hands together for Todd Holloman who was born to be in front of an audience.

Cue Spotlight - Introducing Megan Hughes

Megan Hughes owns MainStage School of Performing Arts in Paducah. Instilling confidence and a sense of accomplishment in her students is her main focus. Pizza is her perfect food, but she’s pretty fond of coffee too. iMeet an amazing woman who opens many doors for our children through the performing arts. 

A Woman of Many Talents - Susan Edwards

Susan Edwards has been a part of the arts in Paducah since she moved here in 2003. She got a ‘wild hair’ in 2014 and opened her latest business, aptly named Wildhair Studios’ Rock Shop. She is a busy gal and unlike me, her NCAA bracket is perfect…because she didn’t fill one out! iMeet is quite excited to introduce you to Susan Edwards.

Bestselling Author Conor Grennan

International bestselling author Conor Grennan will be in Paducah at the end of this month for WKCTC’s One Book Read events held on campus in Paducah. iList got the opportunity to chat with this amazing man about his journeys and his life. Getting to know a world renowned author on iMeet is very special. 

The Multi-Talented Pam Harrison

Dan & Pam Harrison own the Cartridge Shoppe in Paducah. Pam relocated to our area ten years ago through the artist relocation program (she makes jewelry too!). She’s really looking forward to some spring sunshine and loves chocolate chips cookies. Please iMeet this talented local business owner!

Our Future City Engineers

Some Graves County students have much to be proud of, and it’s all due to their involvement in the Future City Engineering Contest. They placed first in the region which sent them to the national competition in Washington D.C. These kids are amazing, and iMeet is honored to introduce you to them and their coach Tracey Tashjian. 

The Very Communicative Wayne Walden

A whole bunch of folks know Wayne Walden - the Public Relations Coordinator at Paducah Public Schools. This father of four loves his wife to pieces and has recently become a Bon Iver fan. Wayne would be a night owl more often if he could, but he’s learned that the early bird gets the worm. Please iMeet Wayne Walden.