Dr. Austin Beck

Dr. Austin Beck is a west Kentucky guy through and through! He returned home as a physician with Mercy Primary Care – Marshall County. He loves his family, his Wildcats and new foods - Mexican might be his favorite. iMeet this new addition to Lourdes’ Primary Care team!

The ghostly and slightly spooky Gavin Kelly & Paula Purcell

Gavin Kelly and Paula Purcell are the hosts of the new TV show, The Paranormal Journey: Into the Unknown which has just been released by Amazon. Paula is originally from Paducah. They will be hosting the next Evenings Upstairs: Paranormal Ghostology at the McCracken County Public Library. iMeet these amazing ghost hunters!

The Rustic Thread's Cassie Nesler

Cassie Nesler owns The Rustic Thread boutique in Paducah – a store she worked for before deciding to buy it. She loves owning her clothing store and making her customers feel special. She and her husband love to dress up for Halloween. iMeet this fun local gal who went from sales associate to being the boss!

The Athletic and Talented Presleigh Jennings

Presleigh Jennings is a seventh-grade student in Marshall County. She races mountain bikes and is pretty darn good at it. She is active in several other sports, and science is her favorite subject as she wants to become a nurse when she grows up. iMeet this athletic and talented young lady!

Maranda Whiteley

Maranda Whiteley is the proud owner of Verticality Pole and Aerial Fitness in Paducah. She thought she would enjoy being a nurse but found that she wanted to be her own boss. She became interested in pole fitness after her son was born. She was hooked, and I’m pretty sure after reading this, you will be too. iMeet this inspiring lady who’s made me seriously consider working out upside down!

A Woman of Many Hats - Anne Bidwell

Anne Bidwell is the Development Director at Hope Unlimited Family Care Center. She loves her children…and maybe even their pets too. She began her career as “Andie Adams, the Pig-Tailed Princess”, but fortunately chose journalism instead. She digs her 80’s music and loves 5th grade math class. iMeet this fun lady who wears so many different hats!

The Au Naturale Erica Harding

Erica Harding is a local girl with a passion for conscience living and a natural lifestyle. She’s the owner of Herbane Naturals – a company that aim to make a difference. She got married to her business partner and best friend on the day of the 2017 eclipse and likes to binge watch Narcos! Let’s iMeet this all natural gal!

Outdoor Enthusiast Dr. Adam Duley

Dr. Adam Duley is an emergency medicine physician at the Lourdes Mercy Health Emergency Department in Paducah. He grew up in Metropolis and has returned home to begin his career. He absolutely loves fall as he’s an avid hunter. His wife Salina was actually his neighbor for a few years growing up. iMeet this dynamic new addition to emergency medical care in our area.

The Socially Savvy Kerri Bonner

Kerri Bonner loves Paducah and wants everyone else to love it too. That’s why she started a social platform for the city of Paducah urging visitors and residents to “Partake in Paducah”. She’s Taylor Swift’s biggest fan and loves the legacy of Chief Paduke. iMeet this vibrant woman who calls Paducah home!

Serving the Community - Pastor Sue Engle

Sue Engle is the Pastor at Trinity United Methodist Church in Paducah. She’s a first-time pastor but is loving every minute of it. Sue is the mother of three boys and four amazing grandkids. She and her husband are taking a Celtic cruise this fall. iMeet this busy woman of God who has been enjoying the weather lately! iMeet new pastors who say, “Yay, God!” at their church!