15 Completely Feasible Epitaphs for my Tombstone

Kelsie Grey is contemplating her mortality – in Oklahoma - by a trout stream – with a beer… which led her to consider the epitaph for her tombstone. This is probably a good ideas as by her own admission she’s very accident prone. Oh yes, this week’s iNest is going to be good…

Lights, Cameras, and a Call to Action

Kelsie Grey usually describes herself as “busy” but she’s found a neat volunteer opportunity in Paducah that suits her perfectly. She’s a big supporter of Maiden Alley Cinema and this week, “is you have a hankering to be helpful”, as she put it, she wants to recruit you to join her. Of course, she’s got some very compelling reasons why you should.

5 Pretty Good Reasons to Let the Weeds Win

This week, Kelsie Is concerned about our never ending quest for the perfect lawn. We water it, we fertilize it, we feed it, we fuss over it - and we endlessly mow it. Kelsie's suggestion - let the weeds grow and embrace the dandelions.  And of course, she has very sound reasons why you should. We present this week's iNest which is all about letting the weeds win!

A Wild Feast

Kelsie Grey is an epic hunter – braving the wilds of the Shawnee National Forest in search of the elusive and very, very tasty Morchella esculenta - more commonly called yellow morel mushrooms. This is weeks iNest, the muddy-kneed Kelsie enlightens us about her pilgrimages into the woods, her relationship with nature, her decadent feast…and of course her blisters…

Because You Keep Asking...

Like a lot of her friends, Kelsie Grey has been driving around town looking for trash – Why? Because it has the endless potential to become another’s treasure. Just slap a coat of paint on it and Bazinga! Well not so fast…do you know how to rescue and repaint old furniture? Hang on to your paint brushes because this week iNest is going to tell you…

Valuable Life Lessons My Chickens Have Taught Me

If you’ve been hanging around the weekly iNest column for any appreciable amount of time, you have probably surmised that Kelsie Grey shares her home with a flock of fine feathered fowl. This week Kelsie delves into the “philosophical” aspect of chicken tending…things like motherhood, cannibalism, squawking, molting…the bird is the word.

What I Can't Do

Kelsie Grey knows that she has some odd and varied skills. She can grow vegetables, make her own deodorant, talk to chickens, and give old wood windows a sprucing. But there are definitely some things she simply cannot do. Oh, you want a list? Of course, well you better read this week’s iNest…

Just Say 'No'

Kelsie Grey feels that the first 30 days of 2017 have been far from a laughing matter. She has been Netflixing and partaking of adult beverages at the many various Adult Beverage Procurement Locations scattered about Paducah. But, there is one place she have not gone lately. One of Paducah’s most insidious taverns: the Silver Bullet…

This is Not a Restaurant Review!

Kelsie Grey loves local eateries - not just the fabulous fair or Downtown Paducah but the delicious, places where she can grab a bite. Are you ready to find out where this foodie eats? Read on and remember this week’s iNest is not a restaurant review - its a selection of places where she loves to eat!

5 New Year's Resolutions I Made for You!

That’s right, folks. I just couldn’t help myself. I’ve written a New Year’s Resolutions article. I’m only human, after all, and it’s not like I resolved to not write a New Year’s Resolutions article. So, you’re getting one. Enjoy this week’s iNest