5 New Year's Resolutions I Made for You!

That’s right, folks. I just couldn’t help myself. I’ve written a New Year’s Resolutions article. I’m only human, after all, and it’s not like I resolved to not write a New Year’s Resolutions article. So, you’re getting one. Enjoy this week’s iNest

The Official iNest Guide to Christmas Songs No One Wants to Listen to Ever Again

Kelsie Grey is getting in the holiday spirit with a few seasonal songs – not! While she loves Christmas music, there are some songs that turn heart little heart to stone. And of course she has compiled a list of the worst offenders for you…oh yeah, this is going to be epic!

Why I Love My Job

For any of you who have had the…bemusing pleasure…of listening to Kelsie talk over a couple of beers about what she does for a living, you will have possibly realized that she loves her line of work. Love isn’t a strong enough word…want to know how much and why? It’s all in this week’s iNest!

Yikes! My house is made of Beaverboard!

Picture this: it’s the holiday season. You’re hauling out the holly and untangling all those twinkle lights you haphazardly wadded up and shoved in the attic last year. But something’s just not quite right with those walls you’re trying to festoon. They seem…bouncy, thin – like they’re made of paper! Because they are…iNest will now tell you all about Beaverboard!

A Confessional:

As most of you know Kelsie Grey is a passionate cook who loves working with fresh, locally grown, seasonal ingredients and plenty of butter. She is frequently asked if she’s going to write a cook book – aint going to happen! But Kelsie thought she’d share some possible recipe titles that she’s been considering….oh yeah this is going to be classic!

You're Making a Giant Mistake!

Thus begins a series of articles we’ll call “Paducah Pet Peeves.” Basically, in these articles, Kelsie Grey will be writing about misunderstandings, misconceptions, or other “misses” people have when it comes to living in our fine community. Today’s topic? Wacinton. AKA Not Chief Paduke.

Six Ways to Be Southern, Even If You're Not

Last week Kelsie waxed poetically about her home state of Oklahoma. Now she’s turned her attention to us Southerners! So, if you’re a transplant to Kentucky and having a hard time assimilating, here’s some hilarious advice to get you started down the path to southern-fried enlightenment!

In Defense of a "Flyover State"

Kelsie Grey just got back from a visit ‘home’ to Oklahoma. She’s lamenting that most people admit to flying over the state but not visiting. Oklahoma is not ‘the south’, or ‘the Southwest’, or ‘the Midwest’ or Texas. Kelsie is going to tell you what it is – so keep reading…


Kelsie Grey is sick with the plaque. She’s trapped at home with her Facebook feed and stuck in the election news cycle. Things are bad! So, instead of whining about the candidates and the state of the world, iNest wants to give you some really good wholesome things to complain about -things that make her crazy!


7 Definitive Answers to Questions I’m Asked Every. Single. Day.

Kelsie Grey‘s life appears to be revolving around one single task – and this is leading to a lot of questions. And, because this is iNest and Kelsie is Kelsie – she’s going to answer some of them – so you can stop asking her. Yes, she will work at stripping paint and fixing windows at Yeiser-Smedley until it’s done. No, she doesn’t miss grading papers…want more? Read on…