Bring Back the 90s!

Local neurosurgeon, Jonathan Couch, together with his neurologist brother, Jim Couch, co-founded the local charity, Anonymous Hope. They have put their big brains together to present a brand-new fundraising event for this charitable organization.

Join them in revisiting the unforgettable decade of the 90s. Time to break out your Nirvana t-shirt and brush up on your Spice Girls lyrics. The event take place on Friday, March 16. It will kick off on at 6 pm at Walker Hall in the downtown Paducah area.

Not Just Garbage

Music from the 90s wasn’t just Garbage - yes, there was a bad pun. Bands of the 90s created a unique sound and catchy lyrics in a way that captured the enthusiasm and disillusionment of the era. From the East Coast/West Coast rap wars, to the grunge era, to low-fi garage rock, to 90s rock bands, the Lilith Fair sound, and the teen pop takeover - 1990's music was rich with experimentation and style. 

A few featured guest speakers kick off the evening  and will include scholarship recipients and the president of Anonymous Hope. Then the party will get started with a 90’s trivia contest. Of course organizers want everyone in the spirit of the decade so costumes are encouraged and there will be a 90’s costume contest.

It’s going to be a fun evening dancing and singing along to all your favorite songs. Tickets are just $20 and include heavy hors d’oeuvre provided by the venue. 

Anonymous Hope

Founded in 2011, Anonymous Hope is a charitable organization that provides scholarship awards to college students. Its dedicated to helping the people of Kentucky get the education and financial support they need. Funds raised go to making the dream of higher education a reality by combating poverty and removing barriers to education. 

For more information about Anonymous Hope and the event please visit their website at or contact President Jonathan Couch at or 973.570.3834.