Amy Noles

While working her way up the ranks of the grammar police by fighting petty comma crime, Amy is a connoisseur of fine food, good music, and random trivia.

Articles on iList

Be a Fan of SOKY

The 2018 Special Olympics Area 1 Track & Field Competition is always a fabulous celebration of spirit and courage. It’s scheduled for Saturday, April 28 at Murray State University’s Roy Stewart Stadium. Organizers would love you to be a “fan in the stands”. iPlay while enjoying these amazing athletes compete!

Running for Justice and Children

In 2013, there were 432 confirmed cases of child abuse that included physical, sexual, emotional abuse and neglect in the Purchase Area. Yes, child abuse exists here in western Kentucky… and it’s in our backyard. You can help the fight against this epidemic by participating in the Justice Run on April 21. So, put on your running shoes and bring your hero spirit. iSupport running abuse and neglect away!

It's So Ducky!

The biggest and best (and only) duck race in Paducah is gearing up for its fourth year. Yes, there’s nothing cuter than hundreds of bright yellow ducks racing to raise money for the Merryman House Domestic Crisis Center. iLove it so ducky much!