Britt Allgood

Scientific professional by necessity. Renaissance Man by choice.  Anxiously awaiting my owl from Hogwarts but in the meantime making "magic" in the kitchen and laboratory.  Part time trouble shooter. Rider of bikes; motorized and pedal. Twelve year old at heart seeking to become a Knight of the Realm (assuming Hogwarts doesn't pan out). Lover of all music, art, nature, family, friends, and wonderful food.

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It's as easy as pie!

I was having dinner with some friends recently and chose a set menu that included pie for dessert. I haven’t had pie in ages and it got me thinking about baking. My family is full of cooks and they’re no slouches at baking. iCook pie because it’s that easy!

Spicing up Snack Time

College football is in full swing and the pro football is about to start. You’re ready for the ‘big game” but you need snacks. Tired of the same old chips and salsa, or bland cheese and crackers? How about a couple of spicy snacks to fuel your game? Today we are going to whip up some Grilled Jalapeno Poppers and Garlic-Buffalo Drumettes. iCook with the spice of life!

It's a Wrap! No, it's a Burrito!

Dinner in a hurry? Most people would hit a fast food joint and pick up a burger, or some tacos. Why not whip us some healthy and tasty burritos at home instead? Today’s recipe is quick and full of vegetables. iCook healthy meals in a jiffy!