Britt Allgood

Scientific professional by necessity. Renaissance Man by choice.  Anxiously awaiting my owl from Hogwarts but in the meantime making "magic" in the kitchen and laboratory.  Part time trouble shooter. Rider of bikes; motorized and pedal. Twelve year old at heart seeking to become a Knight of the Realm (assuming Hogwarts doesn't pan out). Lover of all music, art, nature, family, friends, and wonderful food.

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After the Big Meal

Thanksgiving is tomorrow but I’m already thinking about what to do with the leftovers. I may be getting ahead of myself as we have family visiting, but experience has taught me that I will probably have extra turkey and ham. iCook with leftovers to stretch my budget and not to waste food.

OMG! Thanksgiving is next week

If you are as busy as we are around the iList family, it may have snuck up on you that Thanksgiving is next week - time to get your menu together and start shopping. I like to include new ideas each year to liven up the table. This week I’m sharing a dessert worthy of your holiday feast. iCook for those I love during the holidays!

Cauliflower... with a little spice!

Cauliflower isn’t exactly a crowd pleaser. You typically must smother it in cheese or hollandaise sauce, hide it in a casserole or add other vegetables to make it a bit more palatable. It is not our “go to” vegetable for dinner but we’ve discovered a new way to jazz it up - southern Indian style! iCook cauliflower because it’s good for you!