Britt Allgood

Scientific professional by necessity. Renaissance Man by choice.  Anxiously awaiting my owl from Hogwarts but in the meantime making "magic" in the kitchen and laboratory.  Part time trouble shooter. Rider of bikes; motorized and pedal. Twelve year old at heart seeking to become a Knight of the Realm (assuming Hogwarts doesn't pan out). Lover of all music, art, nature, family, friends, and wonderful food.

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Experimenting with Indian Cuisine

Being a chemist, I experiment with products methods every day. For me, the kitchen is just another place for me to try out new ingredients and flavors. Last week, I tried a new Indian dish with a group of friends and the experiment was a success. I’m sharing it because iCook experimentally!

Stop Whining and Add Wine

Sometimes, like most cooks, I get in a cooking rut – it’s like writers block I guess, but applies to cooks. Chicken, pasta, and variations of beef seem to be on the menu way too often. But you can jazz up these routine dishes by cooking with wine. iCook with wine to make things better!

Not Yo’ Mamma’s Chicken and Rice

Chicken and Rice is an old family favorite but this week I decided to jazz it up with a new twist. I was ecstatic when I found this recipe for Chicken and Mushroom risotto. Sometimes iCook just to take things up a notch.