Kelsie Gray

When she's not painting other people's houses or getting paid to tell people they have bad grammar, Kelsie can be found attempting various home renovations while drinking bourbon, trying to find new uses for radishes, perfecting her pie crust, and scheming up a way to keep dairy goats in her backyard. She believes in the healing powers of butter, and all of her shoes have been ruined by chickens.

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The Only Father's Day Gift Worth Giving

Kelsie Grey wants to remind everyone that Father’s Day is right around the corner. And, if you’re contemplating a tie or cologne gift set – just don’t go there. Because all Dad really wants to do is tell you about the good old days! Just like her father did recently – for ten hours! Was Kelsie conceived out of drugs, booze and rock n roll? Read on…

15 Completely Feasible Epitaphs for my Tombstone

Kelsie Grey is contemplating her mortality – in Oklahoma - by a trout stream – with a beer… which led her to consider the epitaph for her tombstone. This is probably a good ideas as by her own admission she’s very accident prone. Oh yes, this week’s iNest is going to be good…

Lights, Cameras, and a Call to Action

Kelsie Grey usually describes herself as “busy” but she’s found a neat volunteer opportunity in Paducah that suits her perfectly. She’s a big supporter of Maiden Alley Cinema and this week, “is you have a hankering to be helpful”, as she put it, she wants to recruit you to join her. Of course, she’s got some very compelling reasons why you should.