Kelsie Gray

When she's not painting other people's houses or getting paid to tell people they have bad grammar, Kelsie can be found attempting various home renovations while drinking bourbon, trying to find new uses for radishes, perfecting her pie crust, and scheming up a way to keep dairy goats in her backyard. She believes in the healing powers of butter, and all of her shoes have been ruined by chickens.

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Because You Keep Asking...

Like a lot of her friends, Kelsie Grey has been driving around town looking for trash – Why? Because it has the endless potential to become another’s treasure. Just slap a coat of paint on it and Bazinga! Well not so fast…do you know how to rescue and repaint old furniture? Hang on to your paint brushes because this week iNest is going to tell you…

Valuable Life Lessons My Chickens Have Taught Me

If you’ve been hanging around the weekly iNest column for any appreciable amount of time, you have probably surmised that Kelsie Grey shares her home with a flock of fine feathered fowl. This week Kelsie delves into the “philosophical” aspect of chicken tending…things like motherhood, cannibalism, squawking, molting…the bird is the word.

What I Can't Do

Kelsie Grey knows that she has some odd and varied skills. She can grow vegetables, make her own deodorant, talk to chickens, and give old wood windows a sprucing. But there are definitely some things she simply cannot do. Oh, you want a list? Of course, well you better read this week’s iNest…