Kelsie Gray

When she's not painting other people's houses or getting paid to tell people they have bad grammar, Kelsie can be found attempting various home renovations while drinking bourbon, trying to find new uses for radishes, perfecting her pie crust, and scheming up a way to keep dairy goats in her backyard. She believes in the healing powers of butter, and all of her shoes have been ruined by chickens.

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5 Pretty Good Reasons to Let the Weeds Win

This week, Kelsie Is concerned about our never ending quest for the perfect lawn. We water it, we fertilize it, we feed it, we fuss over it - and we endlessly mow it. Kelsie's suggestion - let the weeds grow and embrace the dandelions.  And of course, she has very sound reasons why you should. We present this week's iNest which is all about letting the weeds win!

A Wild Feast

Kelsie Grey is an epic hunter – braving the wilds of the Shawnee National Forest in search of the elusive and very, very tasty Morchella esculenta - more commonly called yellow morel mushrooms. This is weeks iNest, the muddy-kneed Kelsie enlightens us about her pilgrimages into the woods, her relationship with nature, her decadent feast…and of course her blisters…

Because You Keep Asking...

Like a lot of her friends, Kelsie Grey has been driving around town looking for trash – Why? Because it has the endless potential to become another’s treasure. Just slap a coat of paint on it and Bazinga! Well not so fast…do you know how to rescue and repaint old furniture? Hang on to your paint brushes because this week iNest is going to tell you…