Community Kitchen to Host Free Thanksgiving Meal November 27

In keeping with their commitment to feed the hungry 5 days a week, Paducah’s Community Kitchen, located at 1225 Broadway in Paducah will host a free Thanksgiving Meal from 11 am to 1 pm on Thursday. Anyone in need of a hot meal and fellowship is invited.

“We are here to feed the hungry every Monday through Friday from 11-1 and that doesn’t change on holidays.” said Community Kitchen Director Sally Michelson. “Each day we are here and able to help someone is a blessing, but Thanksgiving Day is even more special. Our guests have become like family to us and the fellowship we have here is just as important as the food served. We are all so thankful for each other and we like to call our mealtimes ‘nourishment for the body and soul.’ All are welcome.”

The Community Kitchen is run by Community Ministries, Inc. which operates 100% on volunteer service and donations. Most recently due to two long time sponsors they were able to purchase a newer, larger building and are in the process of renovating that building for use to expand their ministry. To donate to this building campaign, please contact Sally Michelson at 270.575.3400.

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