iPick - Hands for Healing

Special Event at Wildhair Studios' Rock Shop

Saturday, 14 October, 2017

Noon - 6pm

This is a day of healing - for ourselves and for all those affected by recent natural disasters. We will have activities all day including several intuitives and energy healers doing mini readings and healings for a small fee. Receive a vibrational tune-up, infrared photograph, chair massage, Reiki and/or a reading.

A portion of the proceeds from the store event will be donated to charities working to help victims in Puerto Rico. Can’t make it for the event? All proceeds from the donation site, YouCaring will be donated. 

Readers will do 15 minute mini readings for $20. We will take a few appointments before the event, but this is mostly a walk in event. 

Clairvoyant and Natural Medium Clairvoyant and Natural Medium

Brandt Graves

Brandt offers readings using tarot cards and spiritual communication. His spiritual guides and gift of clairvoyance allows him to put himself in the perspective of his client in order to help them discover the path that would be most beneficial to their lives.

Brandt is rated five stars, in the top 20 out of 1400 psychics by one of the largest psychic connection sites in the United States. He has helped solve three missing person’s cases, one being as far away as Scotland.

Brandt discovered his gifts after a near death experience when he was very young. Trauma and learning to be in tune with his gifts has propelled him forward and given him the motivation to keep moving onward throughout his journey. His goal in working with Bridges to Light is to be a voice of reason and guidance to those who feel lost or unsure on their life path.

Brandt believes in turning pain into power and learning more about yourself are the keys to healing and moving your life into a positive direction. Skills: Mediumship; Clairvoyance; Empathy; Cartomancy.

Spiritual Adviser

Deonna Page Smith

"Not your run of the mill rainbows and unicorns psychic medium." Where to go when you need the truth; unbiased. Deonna practices general readings, tarot and pendulum and specializes in mediumship and Love. She is an intuitive, sensitive, empathic, clairvoyant, psychic medium.




Taylor Finnell

Taylor is natural empath offering healing wisdom through his tarot readings. A perfect choice for those who desire the truth to set them free in any area of their lives.




Oneness Blessings

Debe Sullivan of Mindful Living 

Debe will be there offering donation-based Blessings from The Paducah Oneness Blessing givers. The Oneness Blessing is a non-denominational transfer of an awakened energy or intelligence that is designed to bring about the state of oneness in the recipient.



Chair Massage! The Healing Garden

Danna Green, LMT

Ahhhhh! Get those kinks out of your shoulders. Enjoy a relaxing mini chair massage. Choose a 5 or 10 minute session for $5 or $10.

Thermal Photo

$5 donation to Puerto Rico Relief

You're hot baby! While not an aura picture, a FLIR thermal photo is so much fun. Where are your hot spots? Get a front and back thermal photo emailed or texted to you. 

Vibrational Tune-up

$10 Donation to Puerto Rico Relief

Many of you have received this amazing process during a visit to the store and can attest to its healing power. Using a 432 Hz tuning fork, this simple but extremely powerful protocol quickly realigns your chakras and energetic field. Once your energetic field is aligned, your physical body can do what it does best... heal itself.