The Big Bang Show will take place on June 9 at 6pm. Head on over to the Julian Carol Convention Center located on Park in Paducah.  Individual tickets are $50 and tables start at $500 for 8 people.

iLove itThe event is part concert and part piano bar (with two baby grand pianos). It’s all centered around audience interaction and its definitely a fun party atmosphere. There will be laughing, singing, and dancing as the most versatile and talented musicians perform your favorite songs from the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, and today on pianos, guitars, and more!  

Supporting our future leaders

The majority of the funds raised at this event will support the restoration of the historic Columbia Theatre - located on Broadway in paducah. This event is expected to raise sufficient funds so that the Columbia can literally re-open the doors! The class donation will be used to restructure and secure the entrance which is the next step in the remodeling plan.

A small portion of the proceeds will also go towards training and developing leaders through the Leadership Paducah Foundation. The event is sponsored by Ray Black & Son, as well as John and Vivian Williams.

Join the Party!

The Big Bang combines music, comedy and audience participation into a fast-paced, high-energy show. With two pianos and two performers, it’s non-stop, totally wild fun. The music is based entirely on audience requests, so every show is different - but no matter what, an amazing sing-along, laugh-along, dance-along night is always guaranteed.

In addition to an evening of hand-clapping, foot-stomping, laugh-out-loud entertainment, event attendees will enjoy heavy hors d'oeuvres and drinks from a cash bar.

iLove it

Sponsor the Silver Screen

Events like this rely on the generosity of sponsors and Leadership Paducah had some fun with the levels this year. The “Puttin’ on the Ritz" sponsorship can be yours for a donation of $10,000, be a “Silver Screen” sponsor for $5,000, or a “Red Carpet” sponsor for $2,500. “Spotlight” sponsorships are $1,000, and “Box Office” sponsorship $500. You can also choose to sponsor a seat in the Columbia that will have an engraved name plaque. The amount for a Columbia Seat sponsor is $250.

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Want to make a private donation?

Many of the world’s greatest support the future anonymously. If you prefer to donate and not share your name, you can do that too.

For additional information please contact the Paducah Area Chamber of Commerce and reference the Leadership Paducah Class 31 event. More ticket and sponsorship information visit

The Columbia Theatre

iLove itIn 1926 theatre owners Leo F. Keiler and Rodney C. Davis commissioned architect W. Earl Gore of Louisville to design a new film and vaudeville theatre at 512 Broadway in Paducah. The Columbia Theatre opened its doors on April 18, 1927, with the Clara Bow and Antonio Moreno romantic comedy It

The Columbia showed films and presented a mix of live performances until a renovation took place in the 1950s. This would have a major impact on the appearance of the theatre. Changes in technology meant the need for modernization so many theaters across America were being stripped of ornamentation and classical elements. The Columbia’s renovation went against the prevailing currents of the time. Its design was heavily influenced by what was to become known as the Skouras Style.

The next major renovation to the Columbia took place in 1976 when theaters responded to economic pressures and began to add additional screens. The Columbia’s balcony was divided from the main audience chamber to provide a separate standalone theatre. However, this attempt to return financial viability was short lived. Like hundreds of others around the country the Columbia went dark in 1987.

The Columbia Restoration project

The project to restore the theatre to its 1927 glory is part of the Paducah Art House Alliance (PAHA), the charitable organization that also operates Maiden Alley Cinema. They aim to continue on the path of historic preservation that will not just restore this theatre as a regional architectural gem, but create a space for additional cinematic and live programing in Paducah.