Goat Yoga is sweeping the globe and there’s a good reason why. The joy and laugher people experience when crawling on all fours with goats frolicking around or on them is non-stop. Goats are highly social animals, and the interaction they have with humans is different than other barnyard critters. This social behavior along with some amazing agility is what draws people to caprines - and makes them the perfect yoga companion. 

iLove ItShenanigoats Yoga from Nashville, Tennessee is bringing their very special blend of yoga to Snap Fitness of Benton, on February 23. Shenanigoats Yoga was just named one of the hottest activities to do by the Grand Ole Opry Nashville Spring Break Guide. Luckily for us, you do not need to travel to Nashville to cuddle, snuggle and plank with their cute baby goats in pajamas!

Each hour-long class is led by a yoga instructor who takes yogis through a simple flow. Moments of tranquility and peace often associated with yoga can be uncovered during your practice, but for most, the attention is focused on the furry creatures sharing their mat.

“The laughter in the class … there is so much laughing!” said Jamie Codispoti, owner of Shenanigoats Yoga. “You can’t help but laugh as a goat leaps onto your back, and then onto your neighbor. The goats lucky enough to join you in aligning your chakras are the youngest of Jamie and Max’s herd. Once they get too big for yoga, they will graduate to landscaping.”

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Get your tickets in advance! There will be an only one class at 11am, so this event is sure to sell out. Tickets are $32. Visit eventbrite.com to pre-register for what is sure to be an amazing experience.

Please feel free to arrive a little early to spend some quality time with the goats. It is advisable for you to bring your own mat and water bottle. Also, carpooling is suggested as parking spots are limited at the event location.

For more information about this event, visit the FB event page.

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“Our business originally started as a landscaping business,” explains Jamie Codispoti, who owns Shenanigoats with her partner Max Knudsen. After a request via the Next Door app, Jamie and Max began to use goats from their farm to clear brush from homes in the area.

iLove It“A social media post in the East Nashville Facebook group got over 700 likes and 300 comments (all of which were positive!). Then, people started asking for goat yoga.”

As a licensed clinical social worker, Jamie saw the therapeutic benefits of working with animals, and after some research, realized this is something they could do. The goats embarked on their first landscaping job at the end of April 2017, and the first yoga class was June 10. That first class sold out in less than three hours, and three months later they are hosting up to seven classes per week.

For more information about Shenanigoats, visit shenanigoats.com.