January 23, 2019

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iLove It

When iList heard there was an event called Death by Chocolate, we were all about it! Yes, The Society of Women Engineers, a student organization at UK Kentucky College of Engineering – Paducah, is hosting their semi-formal social for female high-school students. Get together and learn about being a woman in a STEM field, the Paducah Engineering program, and most importantly, eat chocolate. Eating chocolate can actually make you smarter? – iLove it!

For the past 13 years, the River's Edge International Film Festival has brought independent film to western Kentucky. Paducah already has a burgeoning visual and performing arts scene, and the film festival is right in the center of this cultural hub. iLove It when Maiden Alley brings us interesting and unique independent films!

Last year, local dance teacher Marci Paris had a brilliant idea. She organized a flash mob to perform the zombie dance from Michael Jackson’s hit “Thriller”. It was held in downtown Paducah at the end of the annual Zombie Walk. The hugely successful flash mob raised funds for the Family Service Society (FSS). It’s back again this year! iLove It when the dead come out to dance!

The Friends of Clarks River has partnered with many local agencies, businesses and organizations to host the second annual Wildlife, Heritage and Outdoor Festival (WHO Festival). This fun day is packed with ways to celebrate and promote the outdoor legacy unique to our area. WHO Fest - iLove It when we can celebrate the beauty of the outdoors!

We love the arts and making art with fiber is something everyone can do. The Fall Fiber Festival celebrates all things fiber - weaving, spinning, paper making, knitting, quilting and more! Come down to this Celebration Saturday at the Paducah Farmers Market on September 15 - they’ll even have sheep you can pet! iLove It!

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