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iLove It

The Second Annual Knock Cancer Out of the Park will take place Saturday on at the Baptist Health Softball Fields located at McCracken County High School. This fun-filled day of softball raises money for the American Cancer Society. Beating cancer with each home run – iLove it!

Do you have original artwork in your closet, attic or garage that doesn’t get any attention? Are you an artist that just wants to rid yourself of an unfinished, or imperfect piece? Would you like to give new love to that artwork? The Yeiser Art Center has just the cure for you. They’re excited to present an Original Summer Y’ART Sale. iLove It because “you’re not heartless – you’re just art-less”!

Paducah is home to many bike lovers and many beautiful bike trails. It’s also the home of some really hot and steamy summer weather and so, in 2014 the Moonlight Bike Ride was born. As well as being a fun family night out it's a fundraising event for Paducah Cooperative Ministry. iLove It when I can enjoy a late-night ride while supporting a great local cause.

Herb Appeal is an annual luncheon and lecture hosted by the McCracken County Cooperative Extension Service Master Gardeners. This year the event has a garden tea party theme and the tasty foods have a sweet connection. They have all been specially selected to tantalize taste buds and tempt diners to grow their own. Sweets and tea? iLove It!

Western Kentucky boasts an abundance of artistic individuals - many with a secret desire for their “five minutes of fame”! Naturally, we have a talent show right here in our backyard! Can you juggle four pumpkins at once, impersonate the sound of 1000 bees, sing higher than Steven Tyler, or paint a portrait of Mona Lisa with your toes? Whatever your skill, you’re invited to share – it’s time for the McCracken County Talent Contest at The RIFF and iLoveit!

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