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iLove the Arts

The Department of Art & Design and Murray State University Galleries has a new photographic exhibition - Past Silver: Magic from the Collection. Its being held in conjunction with The Magic Silver Show: The Elena Diane Curris  which is a juried photography exhibition. They are both on view in the Clara M. Eagle Main Gallery. iLove The Arts…they are just magical! 

Project Speak Life is sponsoring a very special S.H.E.: An Artistic Happening event this month. S.H.E stands for SPEAK – HEAL –EXHALE. The S.H.E. Event is an artistic experience designed to bring our community together. Organizers plan to express our love through spoken word and poetry, visual art, movement, and interpretative dance. iLove the arts in our creative and diverse community.

Calling all performers age 18 and under! Are you a singer, dancer, actor, juggler, musician, acrobat, yodeler, comedian, magician, or karate master? Do you have talent you’re dying to show off? The Marshall County Art Activity Center is hosting auditions for its first ever Young Artist Talent Showcase! iLove The Arts when the young ‘uns are the focus!

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