The Kansas City Star is a newspaper with a tradition of printing traditional quilt patterns. The patterns and quilts have become world famous - in large part due to the passion of quilter and The Star employee, Edie McGinnis. During that time she worked at The Star she became a devoted advocate for reviving the quilt patterns that ran in the paper from 1928-1961. 

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This September, the National Quilt Museum (NQM) in Paducah is hosting McGinnis’ quilts. This exhibit will run from September 7 - December 4.

The patterns were a weekly feature in The Star, or sister publications The Weekly Star and The Star Farmer, from 1928 until the mid-1930s. Then they appeared less regularly until 1961. By the time the last one ran, more than 1,000 had been published in the papers, which circulated in seven Midwestern states as well as North Carolina, Kentucky and Texas.

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In the fall of 1999, The Star reprinted a few dozen of the patterns as a book to test the continued popularity of the patterns. The 5,000-book printing sold out in less than two weeks!

Since then, The Star, under the brand Kansas City Star Quilts, has published more than 100 quilt books, printed a variety of stand-alone quilt blocks, helped produce a fabric line, introduced dozens of new patterns, and in general has re-established the historic “Star Quilts” brand in an ever-growing business. They sell books not only to quilters, quilt shops and distributors in the United States, but abroad as well – in Australia and Canada, and throughout Europe.

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In 2015 Kansas City Star Quilts joined C&T Publishing and books continue to be released under that label every year. They pride themselves on the high-quality books they produce - which contain full-color photographs, brilliant patterns, clear, concise instructions and companion projects.

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Edie McGinnis

Edie McGinnis began her career at The Kansas City Star newspaper in 1987, and during that time she became a devoted advocate for reviving The Star’s tradition of publishing quilt blocks. She also joined the Kansas City Star Quilts books staff and wrote a weekly column for The Star has also published single patterns of two quilts Edie designed.

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Edie lectures on The Kansas City Star quilt patterns, their history, and the designers who worked at The Star during 1928–1961, when the patterns were originally published. She has been quilting for about 30 years and is a member of the American Quilter’s Society and the Quilters Guild of Greater Kansas City.