The current exhibition at the National Quilt Museum (NQM) include the 44 quilts on display in “Fly Me to the Moon”. The collection of amazing art demonstrates humanity’s ongoing fascination with all things lunar as well as honoring Apollo astronauts and missions. 

The 44 quilts in this exhibition are all 18"W x 30"L quilts and fall in one of the following categories:

“Take a trip to the moon and beyond without the time and rigors of space training!” says exhibit curator Susanne Jones. “This exhibit lets you can take a walk down memory lane or learn the story of the missions for the first time. I wanted high quality work with great visual impact. It's hard to predict which ones will wow the viewers…They are all fabulous.”

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This is a juried collection and it will travel all over the United States. Both renowned fiber artists and relative newcomers from eight different countries are represented in the exhibit. Each piece offers a unique and skilled interpretation of the lunar theme.

Some pieces recall July 20, 1969, when Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. Others commemorate astronauts, examine the moon from a scientific angle, or reference its significance in popular culture, folklore and other art forms, including music.

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Still other quilts, such as the one Jones created, share a glimpse of the artists’ personal relationship with space. Jones’ “Moon Mullins: Living the High Life” portrays her uncle, Dr. H.C. “Moon” Mullins, as turning the lunar lander into a still and dreaming of the moonshine he will soon enjoy.

“This exhibit is a rare intersection of history and art,” explains Museum CEO, Frank Bennett. “Everyone remembers where they were when man walked on the moon.  We are getting so many visitors coming to relive that special day. At the same time, we are seeing many people bringing kids so they can teach a younger generation the history.” 

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“Fly Me to the Moon” commemorates the 50th anniversary of man’s walk on the moon. This multifaceted collection is published in a book by Schiffer Publishing available in the museum shop. The collection will be on exhibit through September 4 at the National Quilt Museum. For more information, go to

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Now it its 27th year, the National Quilt Museum brings the work of today’s quilter to audiences around the world through in-facility exhibits, travelling exhibits, and education programs. Its rotating in-facility exhibits feature quilts from its own collection of more than 600 artifacts, as well as outstanding national and international touring collections.

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The museum is also committed to educational outreach, and its programs annually attract more than 4,000 youth and adults. Educational opportunities include the School Block Challenge, Quilt Camp, and the museum’s acclaimed hands-on program, The Creative Stitch, in which people of all ages with no previous experience learn to make a quilt block.   

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