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iLove the Arts

The Murray State University Galleries and the department of art and design is presenting Blurring Boundaries: Continuity to Change - The Women of AAA (Archives of American Art) 1936 to 2018. This wonderful exhibition abstract art can be seen at the Clara M. Eagle Main Gallery through November 1. iLove The Arts from roaring women!

Paducah School of Art and Design (PSAD) is excited to announce the opening of “Silver Celebration” - an exhibition of works in a variety of media by PSAD Alumni. The exhibition is PSAD’s first showcase for graduates of two of their Associate degree programs. iLove The Arts at PSAD!

Autumn is near and so is one of Mayfield’s most anticipated events, the Gourd Festival! The event will be filled with exciting artisans and vendors, pumpkin, gourd and “mum” vendors, as well as an assortment of food trucks. The Art Guild gallery will also be hosting their annual bake sale in the gardens behind the Icehouse. This event is for children of all ages. iLove the Arts when they are made from gourds!

The American Midwest has been dubbed the heart of quilting country, and Kansas City is no exception. In 1928, The Kansas City Star newspaper began printing traditional quilt patterns -  They’re famous and are now known around the world. Cue quilter and The Star employee Edie McGinnis - a devoted advocate for reviving the Star’s tradition. iLove the arts, especially when its Stars shine.

Two concurrent exhibitions of works by the late James Philip Dobson will be on display at Mayfield’s Icehouse Gallery and Murray Art Guild’s Gallery until the end of August. Dobson’s work is nature-based and includes intricate carvings and beautiful drawings of native birds. iLove The Arts when it’s for the birds!

The Yeiser Art Center has a new installation opening this Friday. “From Which Stars Have We Fallen” is a fascinating installation featuring art in many forms – pottery, art books, sculpture and fabric. This thought provoking art is the work of Douglas Pierre Baulos, an artist from Birmingham, Alabama. iLove the Arts that are exhibited at YAC.

Paducah’s 48 Hour Film Project is just around the corner. Filmmakers from all over western Kentucky area will compete to see who can make the best short film in only 48 hours. Do you think you can accept this challenge? Do you want to see the films that were made? Maiden Alley Cinema is gearing up for this amazing event. iLove the Arts with quickly produced films!

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